Looking Ahead – Just a Bit


img_20161104_151407246_hdrI am actually getting close to running pretty much pain-free…well most of time, if I am honest.

When I attempt to maintain a pace faster than 7:30 for more than 1/2 a mile, my left leg tells me a sad story of a guy who is getting to be an old fart.

The good news is, that going slower is not really all that bad and things are continuing to get better, with the left leg. It just is not ready for what I want as my race pace…that magical (for me) sub 7:00 5k pacing – yet.

I gotta keep believing in the  — yet.

Eventually, I will get there again.

No Racing Rest of 2016

Champions Turkey Trot 2015

Once I get by Thanksgiving, without giving in to that damned itch to get out there and race. As much as I really, really, really want to go to the Turkey Trot in Waterville – just to see what kind of time I can eek out on the running I have been doing.

Stop it Harold, you already promised Mary, you wouldn’t run in a race on Thanksgiving,  so shut up and quit whining.

But I whine so well. 😉

The progress since May has been slow, with some pretty frustrating periods and there hasn’t been a lot of training, it has been more running when I can and attempting not to screw -up, my progress too much.

I also think the decision to not go to a race this fall, helped more than I would like to admit.


If I can’t race in 2016…

That means, I have to think about some goals for 2017 and think about actually training, since I join that next age group next August…that one where at many of the smaller races it goes “and up” at the end.

I want to actually start training the week after Thanksgiving.

Making my running a little less, loosey goosey and more structured, but not so structured that I get bored or frustrated with it. Something McMillan/Lydiard based and more focused on effort than pace, until February or March.

After that, I probably will start actual half marathon training to continue working on my aerobic base through June and shoot for a decent Rail Trail Half Marathon. I would like to shoot for a sub 1:40:00, but we will see.

McMillan Half Marathon Base Training Phase

This is what my base training might look like, although some of those runs will be split into 2 runs, not just one session. Yes, it is a concession to getting older and also, having a spastic dog who pouts when I go out the door in running clothes, without him.

However, even though I might be training for a half in June, there are a few races I will do along the way:  January Thaw, Unity 5k, Race the Runways (5k or 10k), maybe even the Sugarloaf 15K, they are not “A” races. I will run them hard, but not dip too far into the well. Maybe a few more races if I am feeling good (Mary ain’t gonna like the budget hit, but if I ain’t buying new shoes as often, it means the money has to go somewhere).

Also I would like to go down to NH or Mass in April/May/June (nothing too big) to do something down there, just to say I did something out-of-state in 2017.

If I am able (my work schedule is still primarily 11-7 PM), I want to do the Quarry Road trail series this year – all of them. I think they are great training workouts and the camaraderie can’t be beat. Maybe even a few other trail races, if I get the trail running fever bad enough.

Stop right there.

I gotta finish the Rail Trail Half first. After I get to that, I will worry about the training I might be doing while leading up to that thing called my 60th birthday.

Time to Sharpen the Saw – I think a few of you will know what that means.