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Week of Running – 11/20/16

I have been talking about running a little more lately on my blog, but haven’t been talking about how my running is actually going.


The leg is getting closer.

A good thing and directly related to my running getting better.

So it is time to start doing a weekly  update on how things are going with my running, especially since I want to start base training next week.


Monday – 4.25/33:59: I didn’t feel like running outside even though it had been nice all day. I was tired from working and just did the treadmill at Planet Fitness. I started out slower and it ended up being a nice progression run going from 7.2 mph to 8.6 mph. So it ended up a little faster than a recovery run, but not too bad. Unfortunately, due to some calibration issues the Garmin only gave me credit for 4.0 miles, I used the treadmill’s 4.25 miles.

Tuesday – 4.01/37:18:  An easy run down-back with Bennie.


#1 – 4.04/33:18: An easy run down-back with Bennie. It was a good thing we like running in the rain, it was coming down pretty good. Nothing special about the run itself, no big intervals, no excitement from the drivers going by, just a nice run in the rain. Bennie was chilled after, so he got the blanket wrap treatment and was quite content.

#2 –  3.15/24:07: Started easy and progressed up the scale .25@7.2, .75@7.5, 1.0@7.6, .50@8.1, .25@8.6,.25@9.1. So a lot faster than I have been going lately and the leg didn’t bark hardly at all. It was a check to see if I would be running a Turkey Trot or not. As good as I did, the leg didn’t like the last mile as much as I wanted. So I made up my mind not to run a race until next year – now to just keep that promise.

Thursday – 4.0/36:47: The leg didn’t bother too much from Wednesday’s faster pace, but enough to know I had made the correct decision on racing this year. The weather was about perfect and Bennie even got in a couple of vehicle chases.

Friday – 5.0/41:44: A treadmill run that I should have done outside. It was too damn nice to run inside and I did anyway. I was in a hurry and wanted to keep a decent pace throughout the run. I felt good, the calibration seemed to work better on the front treadmills than the ones up back and I could tell they were a lot closer to the true pace. I did pick up the pace the last mile a bit, but didn’t try to kill myself.

Saturday – 4.01/36:27: I purposely kept it around a 9:00 minute pace after yesterday’s faster 5.0 miles.

Sunday – 5.03/45:28: I ran the Middle Road for the first time this year. It is a pretty tough loop with some good bumps to contend with. The wind and drizzle were a little bit of a pain, but running in shorts the Sunday before Thanksgiving wasn’t bad. I felt strong the entire way and could have run a lot further.

Running Shoes


My three shoe rotation is doing quite nicely.

The Inspire 11’s are still my go to shoes for running longer or easy runs. They are comfortable, I can run just about any run I do in them. I really wish that Mizuno had left them alone.

The Kazan’s do what I want when the weather is nasty or it gets wet and slimey down-back. They are not super technical trail shoes, but for what I got them for they work great. Road to trail and everything in between. Soon I will get to see how they do in snow.

I had three runs in the Adios Boost 3’s and to be honest I am really liking them so far. They have become my treadmill/faster pacing shoes and the biggest problem that I have had with them so far is that – I want to run faster than I should in them.

Although yesterday, I had to change out the laces, to LockLaces. I just couldn’t get the stock laces to feel comfortable on my feet – they were pressing too much against the top of my foot. Next week I will get a chance to see how they do with the new laces. Walking around in them, they felt a LOT better.

Thanksgiving is next week and I typically, have problems getting my runs in, because the schedule is screwy. So we will see if I get up to 30 miles this week or not. However, this week was a very, very good week, where I learned I still ain’t ready to race and that the AB3’s are a good running shoe for me so far.



  1. Looks like a great week. Nice 5k test! But no, Harold, seriously, be smart. If you want to be running next week and getting 30+ miles agin, don’t race yet. Let the pain go away. Hopefully you can see the reason in this! It’s hard to see it through a brain fogged by race-fever 🙂 but you could do another test 5k on your own, just to make yourself feel like you’re not totally missing out, it’s what I do.
    Cool rotation and looks like it was a great week!

    • I am trying to be smart, but I also tend to have too many cases of Harold being Harold too :-). However, I think I finally got it through my thick skull that running consistently is more important than running faster and then crashing and burning for months at a time. I will take your advice and probably do a 5K time trial on the treadmill Wednesday afternoon and see if can break 23:00 without breaking anything. That way I will not be as tempted to dash out of the house on Thursday and go run in the Turkey Trot at the last minute. 🙂 Well that is the plan on MOnday morning.

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