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Thanksgiving day Run Down back

from Instagram:
I promised myself and Mary that I wouldn’t do either of the two Turkey Trot 5K’s in the area this morning. So I was good and ran down-back. Although the Garmin and Strava say I had two runs, I will say that I did a nice 7.1 miler and smile.
The first part of the run was with Bennie. I had planned on a quicker 4-5 with him and it started out really great. I was wearing the Adios 3’s and told myself we were going to run faster than usual. I wasn’t prepared for the truck of hunters going by as we went past the quarter-mile point.

Bennie decided to go into 4 paw drive and chase the truck, we did get up to race pace and held it for a few minutes. I didn’t feel bad at all and then throttled back to a more comfortable pace. As we went by Blake a hunter was walking and waved to us.
Shortly after that we stopped where the photo was for a Bennie pit stop and once we got to the top of that little knoll, the gunshots started. Not real close, but within a half mile and Bennie decided it was time to go home. So we turned around and he was pretty meechy going back – that is the huge slow-down area on my Strava graph.
Once we got back on the tar, he settled in and I did an extra mile on top with him.
On the last lap, I decided that I wanted to do more and decided to drop him off and head back out. Getting him out of his harness was easy, but when I took off my wind jacket and got out my running belt (for my phone), he figured out that I was heading back out. He wasn’t happy and told me all about it.
Oh well, he had his chance to run.
I headed back down-back, probably to consternation of the hunters, but hey, this is what I do and they have to deal with me as much as I have to deal with them. ;-). I just wanted a consistent pace, nothing overly hard and get more used to running in the AB3’s outside. There is a difference in how a shoe runs on a treadmill versus on a treadmill – at least I think so, especially when running on dirt roads.
As I passed Bartlett there were a bunch of hunters in a yard getting ready to go out and we exchanged pleasantries (they were nice – I see most of them throughout the year when I am out running, so they are used to me going by). Then I saw a car parked in the old dump driveway…so there were plenty of hunters out wandering around.
However, of all of them, I had the best chance of bagging a nice 8 pt buck. As I got to the other side of the old dump, one jumps out 25 yards from me and stood there letting me get a great look at him. Man, if I had my bow or rifle that deer would have been hanging on the game pole. Oh well, too bad I haven’t bought a hunting license in years. Unfortunately, he didn’t hang around long enough for me to get his photo. All I could do was laugh out loud and then chuckle as I went by where he had jumped back into the woods.
Other than that for excitement, the run was a nice consistent effort throughout. No real pushing, just a 3/4 effort where I went slower on the hills and little quicker on the downhills and flats.
It was probably the best 7.0 miles I have run in while as far as pace and consistent effort. The aAB3’s did wonderful, although I still have to dial in that left foot and how snug I need the LockLaces. Nothing serious, just felt a little too much pressure on the top of that foot. However, it is a lot better than it was with the stock laces.
I have a feeling that the leg would have been just fine if I had done one of the Turkey Trot 5K’s, but better safe than sorry. Another month before racing will do the leg good and give me a chance to strengthen it even more. But damn, I do wish that I could have gone.
There now to head over to Christie’s for Thanksgiving, eat way too much, clean-up and then head home for bonding on the couch with Bennie and football in the background. Yep, a very good day!!!
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