In Case You Were Wondering

My old 1971 Camaro – Just as a change of pace, there is a great post here.

Over the past few weeks, you will have noticed that running has started to dominate my blog more and more.


Well first and foremost, I am most comfortable talking about running publicly and it seems that I have slid back into that habit.

Plus when you add in the fact that I am running the best I have since early May, well… not a bad thing, but it not where I wanted to go with the blog when I returned here.

This is not just a running blog.

Then there is the elephant in the room.


I don’t want this to become a rant and rave blog about the direction we are or are not heading politically. Although it easily could. No, I am not burying my head in the sand about what is going on. However, this one of those subjects that I have no control over and am not going to waste my time or effort to write about it here. It simply serves no purpose other than to attract trolls or spew more crap into like-minded echo chambers.

I guess that is why I have focused so much of my writing on something as innocuous as running – it is my safe place, where I feel comfortable.

Now that I have recognized how much and why I have been writing the way that I have, hopefully, I will get back to broadening the subject area a bit more again and who knows even talk about aging a bit more.

How are the Celtics and Patriots doing – pretty good if I remember right. By the way the three fantasy basketball teams I am running, 2 of 3 teams pretty much suck – another long season in those leagues.


Yes, it is time to write more beyond running, but at the same time stay the hell away from politics and religion – there just ain’t no winning either way. Those are subjects I will keep my views to myself and when I get involved, I will do it at the locally.

2 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering

  1. My thought for you is ‘never say never’ … I honestly LIKE when you branch out and write about other stuff, but also enjoy that the core stuff goes back to running. Why wouldn’t/shouldn’t it, right?

    1. With me I think that is pretty much my catch-phrase and I am quiet until I am not. :-). Running is the thing I do most it seems, besides work and some other stuff hehehe…to be continued I am sure.

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