2016 – One of “Those” Years

Looking back at 2016 and thinking about all the different things that happened over the course of a very long year.


Politics we can talk about that later.

As important as it was to the world, I want to initially talk about something much more important. Continue reading “2016 – One of “Those” Years”

Puma Website Running Shoe Confusion/Differentiation????

Sometimes I just scratch my head, when it comes to how  some brands name and differentiate their performance running shoes on their websites.

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on the Puma website (I like how 3-4 of their models fit and feel so far) and while I have figured out some stuff I still gotta ask…

“Why are things so damn confusing?”

It is not the first brand’s website that I have felt this way on, it is only the latest.

It got so bad that I finally put Puma’s performance shoe lineup on their website, into a spreadsheet which helped me visualize what was going on. Continue reading “Puma Website Running Shoe Confusion/Differentiation????”

No Christmas Epiphanies This Year

No there were no Christmas epiphanies that I heard about or saw and the world didn’t stop turning on its Merry way to wherever it is going to go. The little blue marble is pretty much the same as it was before all the Holiday time started.


People are still being born, living and dying (too many so it seems)…technology is different, better and more invasive, shopping is easier and most of us are just another day deeper in debt…in other words, life goes on and on and on.

Okay so much for the philosophical bullshit, yeah I can think deep thoughts and all that other stuff when I want to, but most of the time it doesn’t pay and hurts my head when people who don’t see the world the same way I do, figuratively smack me around. 🙂 Continue reading “No Christmas Epiphanies This Year”

Puma Ignite Power Cool – Initial Thoughts

Today was my second run in the Puma Ignite Powercools so it is time to give my initial impressions of them. Yesterday was 3.2 mile run and today was a 5+ miler where I did my shoe test run course. i.e. running down the Bitch and then having to come back up it at some point. Which really gives me a pretty good clue on how I will run in a pair of running shoes.


These were a Bennie Christmas present that he got off Amazon for a pretty amazing price. I liked the fit and upper of the Mobium Swiftstrike, but not the slappy ride, Bennie seemed to think that the Ignite’s would be a nice alternative and ordered them. I did find out that the toe box is more pointy and narrower than the Swiftstrike, but not enough to bother my tailor’s bunionette. So that was a good thing.

Personally, I HATED the blue laces on the blue upper and they were flat laces, which I am not all that crazy about in the first place, which meant that I had to change things up to a rounded yellow lace, just to give it some color and make them easier to tie. Continue reading “Puma Ignite Power Cool – Initial Thoughts”

Christmas Eve Run

This morning, I wanted get in 5.0 miles and knew that if I waited too long that the little snow/rain/sleet storm that was supposed to come through would make it miserable. I had planned on getting out at 9:00 or so, but due to a lot of things I made it out until after 10:00 AM.

The winds were out of the south at 10 mph with some gusting, so all the way out it was in my face, which I am not crazy about at any time, especially when it is cold out, but at least at 36*F, it wasn’t freezing.  Continue reading “Christmas Eve Run”

Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – 50 Mile Review

There I got running in the Puma Mobium Swiftstrike’s out of my system.

Back in 2014 I volunteered to be a Puma wear-tester, but my foot size is too small to be one and will never have an opportunity to be one, which frustrated me and sort of jaded me against wearing/trying Puma for a long time. However, I had some good experiences back in the day with Puma’s and have always been intrigued by their Mobium line of running shoes.

I really wanted to see how they did with a pair that actually fit me and they were an early Christmas gift from my daughter.


Not a bad shoe. Continue reading “Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – 50 Mile Review”