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Throw-Back Thursday – Merry Christmas

Since Christmas was such a big deal to my mom and to me the Christmas season doesn’t begin until December 1st (I know such a Grinch).  I thought I would share a photo from the 1950’s back when my parents were teenagers and just beginning their life’s journey.


To those who celebrate Christmas – Merry Christmas, to those with other beliefs during this time – Happy Holidays.

By the way Katie K. you bear a certain resemblance to your Grandmother – a good thing.



  1. I am definitely not a fan of the whole ‘day-after-Halloween = Christmas’ thing! We have done tree decorating as a ‘Thanksgiving weekend’ thing for the last few years, and then work on cards and other decorations after that.

    Love the picture … I got all of my dad’s old slides to scan a few years ago, it is great looking back at those times.

    • Yeah, the commercialization gets worse every year. I have all of mom’s and her mom’s photo albums and scanned a lot of them 🙂 It is important to keep the past alive as a family history and not loose the names of so many of the photos. I have some from the 20’s, 30’s and don’t know their names and probably never will. 😦

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