New Puma’s being Checked Out #pumarunning

from Instagram:
Okay they are here, my Puma Mobium Swiftstrikes that I talked about so much in this post.
Thank you Katie and family for the early Christmas present, it was pretty timely since my balky knee has been talking to me when I wear my Inspires.
The Mobium’s are definitely Harold shoes, with red, orange, blue and white colors.
They weigh-in at 10.0 oz, which is right where I want my trainers to be. Yes, I consider the Mobium Swiftstrikes to be in the trainer category, so we will see how they do. Which is a bit more than the 8.4 oz that the women’s model weighs.
It will be interesting to see how they are to run in – first one will be tomorrow. I don’t believe they will be as quiet as I would like, but at the same time they feel comfortable walking around the house and seem to be wide enough.
To be honest I am pretty excited about trying these running shoes out.
Elliott seems to agree.