adidas Adios Boost 3 – 50 Mile Review

What can I say – other than this will more than likely be my running shoe of the year for 2016. High praise to say the least for a shoe that I have only 50 miles on.


Harold aren’t you the one who says, 50 mile reviews are often fool’s gold!

Yeah and I will be the first one to say it on almost any shoe I run in the future.

However, the Adios Boost 3’s run different from any other running shoe that I have ever run in – in a great way.

They are listed as a marathon racing shoe, but for me at least they will be my race day shoe and if I am honest with myself and was not so much of a shoe snob who wants more than one pair of running shoes going at a time, they probably would work as my daily trainers too, especially if I was really into more minimalist running shoes.


About the only things the Adios Boost 3’s do not work too well for is my recovery runs. When I run in them, I just naturally (without too much effort) run faster, which defeats the purpose of a recovery run.

Enough of the glowing introduction.

I think you can guess that I sort of like them – so far.

What kinds of runs have I done so far?

I got them for race day/faster for me and treadmill running this winter, however I haven’t done any racing in them – yet. I have taken them down-back on dirt roads, tar, the treadmill and in heavy rain and sleet. Plus a couple runs outside where it has been windy and in the low 30*F.

In other words, most of the types of runs I do in a pair of running shoes.

What do I like?

Well, the Adios Boost 3’s are comfortable when running in them, wide enough in the toe box, so they don’t bother my bunionette, have done well on any type of run I have attempted so far, in good and nasty weather. The grip is superior, they are light and fast feeling, but have a LOT more cushioned feeling than their stats would indicate.

The big thing is that I want to run in them.

What don’t I like?

The stock laces are finicky and personally I don’t like flat laces, so while many runners prefer them – I don’t and I replaced them with LockLaces.


Also the AB3’s have a fairly thin tongue and the last cross-over pressed too much into the top of my foot when it was tightened to hold the heel in place with the stock laces. They still do a little with the LockLaces, but it is not noticeable unless I am wearing them for a long time – like at work.


Boost to me, seems to provide a more cushioned feel for lower stack heights (amount of midsole between the foot and ground) and seems to give back more energy (bounce) than other shoes.


The tread, shows very little wear after 50 miles and has a superior feeling of grip on pretty much all surfaces I have used the AB3’s on. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them on dry or wet surfaces, on groomed trails like Quarry Road (anytime) and single track like Bond Brook when it is dry.


I love the slightly retro styling on the Adios Boost 3’s uppers, they look great and work well for me. There is a trade-off for their level of breathability, they will be cold during the winter.


Once the cold weather gets here, they will be better used inside or only for race days. I wouldn’t really want to be outside for a 5+ mile run in them too often in 20*F or less temps, even with merino wool socks on.

Going forward

I have to be careful not to get too hyped up over the adidas Adios Boost 3’s, because it would be way too easy to do so since:

I run well in them.

I feel good running in them.

I want to run in them.

They are going to get a LOT of time on my feet as I move to doing more treadmill running this winter.

Yeah, I guess Sam W’s over at (Road, Trail, Run) recommendation for me to get a pair of the adidas Adios Boost 3’s was absolutely spot on.

Will I get another pair?

Let’s get them to the 200 mile review, before I answer that question. However, if the next 150 miles are anything like the first 50 miles, I have a pretty good idea what the answer will be.

Here is to my what will probably be my 2016 running shoe of the year.


The adidas Adios Boost 3.

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