Week Peek Back – 12/4/16

December, the last month of 2016, can you believe it! This year has just flown by!!!


No snow yet, but it is coming and so is the cold weather. That is the one thing as I get older that I enjoy less and less every year – being cold sucks.

Yes, I will be doing a few end of year reflections and looking back at the shoes I have run in this year over the course of the next few weeks. But let’s take a look at what happened this past week.

I got a new pair of running shoes (what else is new), but my left knee has been bugging me when I have been wearing my primary daily trainers, so it was time to see if it was the shoes or my very over-active imagination.


Other than that things have been pretty quiet on the running front.

Weekly Summary

I had a pretty good month of November and ended up with 140.2 miles, which was the second highest monthly total of 2016. So I am starting to find a little consistency again – finally.

This week was the third best week of the year and I could have gone back out this afternoon and done another 3.0 miles to take the crown, but why bother. The running totals are not as important, keeping healthy and being able to run than to inflate some total.


I am trying something a little different with filling out the run summary as the week goes along and then taking a screen shot of it. I know it is cheating, but it cuts down the time it takes to do the weekly summary and is a bit more accurate regarding how I felt that day, versus how I think I felt ;-).


A good week, but I gotta be careful on the treadmill and not have a bunch of “faster” runs in a row on it.

Running Shoes

Okay, let’s talk about my running shoes. Yes, they get a lot more blame when I am running bad or when I am running good than they deserve. So when my left knee started to bug me a little a couple of weeks ago, I started to really pay attention to what was going on. You know what I was wearing for shoes when it flared up and what kind of runs.

Everything pointed to the knee bothering when I ran in my Inspire 11’s. So I gave them a few days off, let things calm down and then ran in them again. The run went fine, but after my left knee was complaining about something not being right. Which kind of indicates that the Inspires are about due to be retired.

Mizuno Inspire 11

The Inspire 11’s are 2-3 year old shoe line and mine were probably made at least a couple of years ago and have been sitting in the box until I got them. I have 232 miles on them, which is pretty low mileage for this style of running shoe.


They basically look brand new, except for some outsole wear on the inside of the heel area and where I toe-off. However, it must just be enough to throw things out of whack and bother the left knee. I haven’t given up on them yet, but if they continue to bother me, they will rotate up to my walking shoes.

adidas Adios Boost 3

What can I say, the adidas Adios Boost 3 are doing everything that I want from the shoes that I will use as my race day/fast for me shoes and on the treadmill.


See my 50 mile review of them.

Mizuno Kazan 2

My crappy weather shoes. They are still all mud from last Wednesday’s run, I will have to knock it off one these days ;-).


They do what I want.

Puma Mobium Swiftstrike

These are simply a shoe that I have wanted for a couple of years, but never quite got around to getting…when D2 offered to get me a pair of running shoes that I wouldn’t normally get — for an early Christmas present. More on why these shoes here.


I ran two runs one 4 miles and the other over 7, once I figured out how to run in them, I have enjoyed them. On my 7 miler today the shoes were not the problem, it was my lack of conditioning that held me back, the Swiftstrikes felt great. The colorway ain’t bad either – definitely Harold colors.

Going Forward

I am running consistently and want to keep running consistently, so I have to be careful going forward and not attempt to do too much to break into that 40 mile per week that I want to get up to and stay at. However, I do want to start getting in a long run weekly, but with the colder weather coming, it might mean a little extra time on the treadmill to do it.

My running shoe rotation is undergoing a bit of turnover, after a pretty good 2-3 month run with the Inspire 11’s, Kazan 2’s and lately the Adios Boost 3’s. I just hope that adding in the Puma’s do as well as the previous rotation did. I will try the Inspires running again in a couple of weeks to see if they are the part of the problem or part of the solution. Otherwise, I think that things will work themselves out.

Now I have no scientific investigations to back up what I am going to say and I might just be full of shiite, but it is what I believe — that hold over shoes do not last as long as they would if you buy them the first year they are out. That is just my opinion and you don’t have agree with me.

8 thoughts on “Week Peek Back – 12/4/16

  1. I’m going to give you advice that you gave me in regards to running shoes a few months back (paraphrased). “If you know that something’s not working, get rid of them, or you’ll constantly go back and hurt yourself.”

    I’m very nervous that you’re going to tweak out your knee to the extent that I tweaked out my achilles earlier this year, when I was trying to go back to things that just didn’t work.

    Anyway. Just my two cents ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah, I will wait a couple of weeks, try an easy 2-3 miles and see how they feel and if they twinge the knee, they will be gone. Too bad, because I really like them, but at this point I am not going to keep something around that isn’t working, they might even by-pass the walking shoe and go straight to GoodWill if they bother when just walking.

    1. I am pretty sure that Bennie found a helluva deal on a pair of Kazans $36 if he is telling the truth, so I will have my trail shoes for a while going forward ๐Ÿ™‚ So far they are just working. They are a bit softer than usual for a Mizuno, not pillowy by any stretch, but softer than I am used to.

  2. I agree with you about the shoe longevity part.
    I like he screenshot of your plan. It’s interesting to see what details one includes right after a run that one forgets a few days later. It’s actually more helpful to track problem areas that way, for me.
    As for the treadmill runs, something I found that helps me ting really slowly (8.5k/hour is my start right now… appr. 5.1-2 m/h) and then slowly finding that stride before moving up. Sometimes I get up to 14 k/h, but mostly my body tells me what it wants to run that day. It makes it easier to guard how fast my body really wants to go versus how fast the treadmill says it can go. Your running’s looking good! Good for you about the consistency and injury free-ness.

    1. It just means that I get to try out new shoes more often, since they are cheaper it don’t hurt as bad :-). My problem on the treadmill I have it in my mind that the proper starting MPH is 7.2 mph (about an 8:20 pace), on the treadmill it feels comfortable, where if it was outside I would be huffing and puffing. Then I tend to creep up from there if I am feeling good and keep it there if I am trying for an easy day, which kind of messes up my recovery day pacing, but I will get a handle on it.

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