It is Getting Colder and I am Getting Older

As I sit here looking out at the crows, bluejays and squirrels feeding in the backyard, the temp is hovering right around 20*F outside and the grass is covered in frost. When I look out the other window the Cherokee is covered with a heavy frost and the windows will need to be scrapped before anyone can drive it. There is also a pretty good chance of getting some snow today and later in the week.

So while the calendar says it is still fall, the weather and my body are telling me that winter is now heah.


Last night was what I call the killing frost, since it was down in the teens most of the night and the grass that was amazingly still green on the lawn yesterday, will now start to turn brown.

It is the time of year that with each passing year, I start to dread more and more.

There is something about the temperature dropping that affects me more with the passage of time. The joints seem to ache more in the cold, the cold is colder no matter what the thermometer says and I don’t enjoy being outside when I have to wear 2-3 layers, plus a running jacket, winter hat, mittens, merino wool socks, just to get outside to do a few miles.

I am no longer that get out in all weather tough old bastid who wouldn’t miss a day outside no matter what.

Yeah, I guess that I am getting wimpy in my dotage. Continue reading “It is Getting Colder and I am Getting Older”