Running Shoes -2016

January 2016, the start of the new year

Since it is December it is time to start looking back at what happened in 2016. With me that usually means I get started by looking back at the running shoes I ran in this past year.

This year I am going to blame my wanting to run too fast, too soon, too far and too often for all the problems with my left leg that started in May. It was completely my fault not the shoes…well maybe the shoes helped me want to run fast and maybe I was wearing the wrong shoes at the wrong times.

After all injuries and poor running is always the shoe’s fault and never the runner’s – right.

I just have to remember that.

If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn or rather a few used shoes for sale at a great prices.

There were no running shoes this year that made it over 300 miles in 2016. None, zip, nada. That is for the first time in many years. Too much of Harold being Harold, injury down-time and at the start of the year being on the Pearl Izumi Run Champion Team for 2016 until May. Continue reading “Running Shoes -2016”