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Shopping Done & A Needed 5.0 on the Treadmill

img_0803Mission accomplished!!!

I am done,  the worst of my Christmas shopping is over. Well almost, but the few things are not where I have to go out and battle the masses.

I went to the Marketplace down in Augusta this afternoon and what freaking mistake that was.

Let’s say it was a zoo, with crazy, rude, obnoxious arseholes who all seemed to be in a big freaking hurry to spread some of their own brand of Holiday cheer.

It has gotten to be such a chore to go out, get the things that I want to give as gifts to those who are special to me, that shopping online is becoming far more appealing than going out and doing battle for a couple of hours, with other supposedly civilized people.

After that shite, I needed a run. I had already decided that it was going to be a treadmill jaunt, 17*F and with the winds – a feels like of 5*F, just makes running outside too freaking miserable. Could I – sure, did I nope. 

The treadmill calleth and instead of being all bundled up in multiple layers, I ran comfortably in shorts, t-shirt and besides I wanted to give the Puma Mobium Swiftstrike a turn on the treadmill to see how they would do.

I forgot my watch, so I just relaxed and put the tready on 7.1 mph and ran easy. The about 8:30 pace on the treadmill is one that I can maintain for a lot longer than I can even in good weather outside. No hills, no wind resistance and sure footing does make a difference, especially when loose myself in my playlist. I can put the brain in neutral and just run.

That is what I did, except for that quick pitstop at 1.5 miles. Hate it when that happens, but not a biggie.

Then I remembered that ABC was broadcasting the Ironman, so I turned on the TV and just watched. It is so motivating to watch what some of those athletes can do and then watching the back story of some…well you don’t think so much about your own aches and pains.

Just watching the father and son, then the 83-year-old guy, their stories were so inspirational to me. I didn’t listen to some sappy announcer/reporter saying shit, I simply watched the body language, where they looked, how their families looked at them, the non-verbal cues and communications that we so often miss in our hurry to be doing something else, listening to a short meaningless soundbite or being distracted by the crappy BG music that is supposed part of the dramatic element of the story – you know – entertainment.

What happened to letting people tell their story.

Oh, I forgot that might take more than the allotted 3-5 minutes of attention span that the networks have taught us to have.

I think I learned more from watching those stories without the sound. I don’t have a clue what their names were, but the love, pride and determination that all of the stories I saw were very inspirational for me.

Enough ranting.

The Swiftstrikes did well on the treadmill although they are a shoe that I would have to build up to running long on the treadmill in. The old issue I had with some of my most favorite running shoes when I first move them over to running inside is the I get a blister under the right foot’s front callous pad. Today I stopped before the blister formed, but I still have some of that pre-blister soreness. So I stopped just in time.

Overall, the run was definitely needed and I felt a LOT better after it was done.

Unfortunately, today reminded me that the Spirit of Christmas and goodwill towards all, definitely has a different connotation in today’s world 0f blatant consumerism and “I will get mine – to hell with you” attitudes that were so prevalent today. No, I will stay away from the malls, big stores and any of the other shopping I need to get done, I will do online or at the small local shops where people are not in such hurry, a lot more laid back and more likely to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

Oh well, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who reads this to the end and I hope that the old Grinch doesn’t steal away your happiness over the next few weeks. If he does sing a little, run a lot and smile, then give someone you love a big hug and a kiss.

Tell them it was a present from that old fart up in Maine. 🙂




  1. I agree… and it has nothing to do with age. With present giving and getting, people become so consumed in the process that they forget what the result should be… or that they may have a better time volunteering, making their own gifts, etc. and maybe gift giving is something one can enjoy, but it’s hard with the rush and stress one finds in stores these days. For me, it started when stores started playing loud music to get people in the buying spirit.
    As for the Ironman, thanks for pointing out the other things one can pay attention to in the reporting! Communication in general seems to be forgotten, and the finer notes especially are dying arts.
    Hope your Sunday is much more relaxing.

    • It already has been more relaxing, but the 8*F kind of put a damper on running outside so far and the 4-8″ of snow coming overnight is a pain, but I choose to live in Maine, so it is what I guess I consider relaxing…although a nice 70*F run along a beach somewhere does sound rather pleasant, well I can day dream for a while longer, before heading out to the garage to get the snow blower all ready for tomorrow. 🙂

      • Ha ha. Yes.
        I’ve learned what cold feels like living in Berlin, now. We get the continental winds that make going outside without being properly dressed a terrible experience.
        I’m looking forward to going home for Christmas this year for more reasons than just the family!

  2. “we so often miss in our hurry to be doing something else”

    Is there perhaps any more defining description for the holiday season? A friend of mine from work turns 40 this weekend, and his wife surprised him with a dinner and overnight at a nice relaxing inn with great restaurant away from everything – kids were with grandparents, all paid in advance, and so on. Is there any better gift than time?

    We went out yesterday as well … and actually had a decent time – in spite of all the craziness, because we did it together. Today- I’m on my own … ugh.

    • That is one of the gifts Mary wants this year, now I just have to figure out the where, probably down towards NH border, maybe a B & B overnight down towards Kittery/Portsmouth :-).

      Today Bennie and I are going to go over to UMA, take a short walk on the trails and then finish shopping for Mary 🙂

      It looked as though you two were having fun yesterday, the smiles were real.

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