Puma Website Running Shoe Confusion/Differentiation????

Sometimes I just scratch my head, when it comes to how  some brands name and differentiate their performance running shoes on their websites.

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on the Puma website (I like how 3-4 of their models fit and feel so far) and while I have figured out some stuff I still gotta ask…

“Why are things so damn confusing?”

It is not the first brand’s website that I have felt this way on, it is only the latest.

It got so bad that I finally put Puma’s performance shoe lineup on their website, into a spreadsheet which helped me visualize what was going on.

Ignite NGRY FAAS Mobium
Dual NGRY 300S v2 Elite v2
Dual Camo NGRY v2 500 V4 Elite Speed v2
Dual Disc 500 v4 PWRWARM Elite Speed v2 PWRWARM
Dual EvoKNIT 600 V3 Ride
Dual Nightcat 600S v2 PWRWARM Ride v2
Dual Nylon Ride Nightcat
EvoKNIT Swiftstrike
Ignite v2
Ignite Disc
Ignite Mesh
Ignite Proknit
Speed 300
Speed 300 S Disc
Speed 300 TR
Speed 500
Speed 500 Nightcat
Speed 600
Speed 600 S
Speed 1000 S
Ultimate 3d
Ultimate Camo
Ultimate Layered
Ultimate Multi

While this helps me sort out the different model lines, it really doesn’t give enough information on the differences between the Ignite models – other than they all have Ignite foam in the midsole someplace.

Some of the differences appear to only different uppers, but I have to ask what are the other differences between:

  • Dual
  • Evoknit
  • Ignite
  • Ignite v2
  • Ultimate

Are they all variations of the same last and midsole, with the differences being the uppers and outsoles or something else?

I don’t know.

What are the shoe’s stack heights, weight, type of last, that information is generally missing or placed inconsistently. When were they released 2015/2016, are they all version 1, unless they are designated as v2? The model description is pretty generic and sounds pretty much the same for all of those styles/names.

I can’t tell.

Are the Ignite model line supposed to be medium to heavier weight trainers (10.0 to 13.0 ounces), which seems to be what I find, when I look on other sites that consistently have the shoe’s weights and some stats to get an idea of the shoe’s uses.

I am not sure?

Although the Ignite Speed series seem to correspond more with the FAAS line naming structure, which at least gives me an idea of the shoe’s possible purpose in my running shoe rotation.

Which helped me decide which of the Speed Ignite series that I want to use – A LOT!

Yes, I have added the Speed Ignite 300’s and 600’s to my rotation for 2017, just because I could figure out where they fit. The 300’s are a fantastic shoe so far and the 600’s will be here next week.

For the most part, I can’t easily tell from the information provided on the website, what the differences between the Ignite models/names/styles are.

C’mon man, Puma why can’t you make your website more runner friendly and give us enough information to quickly and easily figure out where your performance running shoes might/could  fit into our running shoe rotation.

2 thoughts on “Puma Website Running Shoe Confusion/Differentiation????

  1. When you make shoes there are probably 1 million variations you could put on the market. Those guys are probably too close to the design process, but that’s their job.
    Then marketing has to take the tech specs and figure out how to present them to the masses.
    In many shoes the difference is probably minimal and marketing cannot make a compelling argument why one shoe is better or even much different than the one next to it in the photo.
    I guess that leaves the real analysis up to guys like you and me.

  2. These shoe company websites really ARE confusing / infuriating … it took me more than a month to figure out for sure that the Nike’s I got last year no longer exist and have been kind of folded into other brands ,,, still not exactly sure, but I went back to Saucony since the Nikes didn’t last as long and I couldn’t replace them. Confusion = lost sale/customer.

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