2016 – One of “Those” Years

Looking back at 2016 and thinking about all the different things that happened over the course of a very long year.


Politics we can talk about that later.

As important as it was to the world, I want to initially talk about something much more important.



Yeah right!

Anyway this is my blog so I get to talk about things that I did in 2016 and leave the other stuff for another time to write and worry about. 🙂

To keep things simple this post is going to focus on my year in running, at least until the end.



My running goals for 2016 were

  • Run a lot –  This year I just want to run consistently and if I get to 2,000 miles good, if I get to 1,500 good. As long as I run healthy and without long stretches of time not running – I will run a lot.

I finished 2016 with 1,443 miles. Not quite where I wanted, but over 96% of the goal was achieved, so that part was pretty good.

The year started out well…I was a Pearl Izumi Run Champions Team member and through April I was running decently. I had even run in a couple of races and done decently. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the times and placed some of the blame on the Pearl Izumi shoes. They were were not “letting” me run fast enough – yeah right.

I wanted that sub-21:00 5K and see how fast I could run the mile race in Freeport.

So I went looking for racing flats and decided that the Pearl Izumi N0 was not the answer for me.


This turned out to be a huge mistake, I loved the LT-3’s too much and as a result of running too much, too fast, too far, too soon in them I got injured in May. My own fault, not the shoe’s or anyone else – I made several training mistakes and hurt my left Achilles tendon/ankle area.

This resulted in a long recovery and no more races. I never got to race in the LT-3’s and gave them away because they were a shoe that I would continue to want to run way too fast in, even if I wasn’t in shape to do so.

Sometimes even an old can face reality, as much as it hurts.

Which meant no more races for 2016. I could run slower at the races, but didn’t trust myself to not get caught up in the moment and go for it. Now that the leg is better and not hurting, we will see what 2017 brings.

I did train smarter and forced myself not to race at all the rest of the year. It was hard, but something that I felt that I needed to do.

I didn’t run as much as I wanted.

  • Break my Post-55 Personal Records for any distance.

Didn’t happen.

  • Not get injured.

Other than my Left Achilles/Left ankle area, I did really good, but from May on, that injury did negatively impact my running and racing plans this year.

  • Be an asset not an ass as part of the Pearl Izumi Run Champions Team.

Let’s just say that the I became disillusioned with the newer PI shoes that I ran in during the spring and decided to move in a different direction in May and left the PI Champions Team.

  • Running Shoes.

However, I went through the rest of the year searching for shoes that I could run in and helping get over the injury.

Pearl Izumi – The N1 Road v2 was pretty damn good, but the N1 Tri and M3 just didn’t do it for me and I didn’t see the N0 as something that would work for me and looked in different direction for a racing flat.

Nike – The LG-7 did well and helped me get back to running, but the LG-8 wasn’t going to be the answer with its outsole up here in Maine during the winter and where I run mainly on dirt roads. I moved in a different direction.


Under Armour – Bandit 2 and Apollo 2’s – Didn’t work for me


Mizuno – Inspire 11’s did great, but the updates to the 12 & 13’s were not what I was looking for. However, I am loving the Kazan 2’s, enough that Bennie got me another pair for Christmas and I will try the Hitogami 2’s again next spring – they are not a treadmill shoe.


Adidas – The Adios 3 are a great shoe, but they begin to bother my right foot after 3-4 miles and while I can run further in them, it doesn’t feel right and distracts me. I wonder when the discomfort is going to become something more. So while I run well in them for up to a 5K, I don’t see than as anything more than a one-time purchase. Although I do love the way the boost material feels when running


Puma – Mobium Swiftstrike is a running shoe I always wondered about and honestly, I liked everything about them, but the slappiness, which I couldn’t get around. They have become my walking shoes, but they definitely piqued my interest in the Puma line-up. So I ordered a couple more models and have been impressed so far.


The Ignite Speed 300 feel really good and the Ignite Powercool are a little narrower in the toe box, so it was a good thing I got the 8.5’s instead of the 8.0’s. Also they are a bit chilly for Maine winters, but otherwise have done well in runs up to 5-6 miles. There are a couple more Puma’s coming soon – the Ignite PowerWarm and Ignite Speed 600, so I am going with the Puma lines for a while to see how they do for me.

Something different…but I am pretty comfortable with them.

  • Eat Healthier.

Yeah right.

  • Stay in size 30 pants.

Didn’t happen.

  • Start doing Yoga again.


  • Lifting weights. 


  • Re-join Central Maine Striders.

Yep, I am a member and will renew again this year, but I wasn’t very active.

Okay, that’s how it went for my running. An up and down year, where I learned a lot about what I want and how to get there in my running. Now I just have to figure out how to get past this:

“The only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be.”
Haruki Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

It is always the issue that I have to contend with, competing with how I used to be. Not that I was ever that good, but I still have memories of how that guy used to run. The times are slower now and I am struggling with that – I guess that I always will.

However, I still run and that is the important thing.

I just need to keep running and accept that the speeds I can attain are different today than the way I used to be.

Oh yeah,

It was an election year which meant that the focus was politics and it became the year of who you wanted least to be President. It was the choice of two very flawed and controversial candidates – either of which in other years should have been handily beaten by different opponents, but both became their party’s unfortunate candidate or is that candidate unfortunately.

To be candid my candidate lost and nothing that the victor has done nothing since he was elected has given me an over-abundance of confidence in his or his cabinet choices to move America forward. Maybe I am wrong and I hope that I am proven wrong, but…well we will find out won’t we.

We need to keep our eyes open and hold those in power for the actions and inactions irregardless of their political party or agenda.

There was a lot more that happened in 2016, but not ones I wish to share here. However, I will leave you with this photo of Mary roof raking the garage, to show how lucky I am to have her in my life.




2 thoughts on “2016 – One of “Those” Years

  1. Yeah, you did kinda fail to get out of your own way mid-year, but fortunately you have been smart ever since and kept yourself away from racing at the end of the year! Here is hoping for a happy and healthy running year for you this year … free from the ‘terrible toys’ (too much, too fast, too soon)! 🙂

    1. Thanks Mike, I think I can handle more fairly soon, its the too fast or at least too fast for the new me, that always does me in ;-). Gotta be more like Mike and focus on the longer distances and not worry so much about the speed part – that will come naturally hehehehe

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