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Month: January 2017

A Planned Vacation Day

Yesterday was an unplanned day off from work, due to the big storm, today was a planned vacation day, so I could attend the Central Maine Striders Annual Banquet this […]

Waited for the Plow Truck

Today was a mess outside, we started the day with 2-3″ of ice pellets, the joys of walking in that stuff was beyond belief (it was like walking on a […]

Last Week was a bit Tough

Since it is ice pelleting outside and we have about 2 inches of ice pellets with a flash rain freeze underneath, I don’t think I will be stoopid enough to […]

I Hope There is Enough Hope

Today is inauguration day and the United States will have a peaceful transfer of power as we as a nation witness (but probably not watch) Donald J. Trump become the […]

A Busy Day

We had a surprise 3″ inches of partly cloudy when I woke up this morning, so I had to get out the snowblower again this morning before I headed out […]

On The Other Side

There I am finally, on the other side of whatever to $#%@ hit me upside the head this week. Two days out of work sick. However, it was unusual because […]