About as Good as it Gets

I got out for my run a little later than usual, so the temps were pretty decent at around 33*F, bright sunshine and best of all very little wind. Plus this morning Bennie and I walked down to Blake Road down-back and found it passable, need I say runnable. So as a change of pace, I decided to run down towards Tiffany and see how it felt.


A couple of thoughts went through my head before the run:

  1. which shoes – as you can see in the photo, down-back was still snow-covered with some sections having more than a little glare ice, but at the same time I knew that once I got over on Tiffany, it would be all tar. After a little thinking, I went with the Ignite PWC, with regular socks. This would let me figure out how they worked on the snow-covered section and also how they did on a little longer run.
  2. how far – I have been limited to 3-5 miles because of the ice and stuff down-back and since I don’t really like running on the Middle or Quaker Roads in winter, shorter stuff has prevailed. So I thought about a longer run, but reality raised its ugly head, I need to build up slowly and not just hammer a double-digit run right now. So I decided to just go for a 10K.

I started off pretty good and going down Steven’s Hill wasn’t too bad, the Ignite PWC’s did fine in the snow, but it was a lot like running on a sandy beach and I was trying to keep my effort level steady – right around 150 BPM for a heart-rate. One of the advantages of having the heart rate monitor is that I have a little more control/knowledge of how hard I am actually working versus just hammering it all the time.

I know it is not MAF training, but I think it will help me figure things out a bit better.


When I got to Tiffany, I kept the pace up for another mile and then when I went past Wildwood, I took the foot off the gas a little and didn’t try to push the pace after that. I just kept things steady.

img_20170102_143029238However, once I got back on the snow-packed road, I did slow down, it was a lot tougher running up the hills on the snow, than it was coming down them.

The Ignite’s did okay, but coming back the Kazan’s would have been a better choice, although I did make it without too many issues other than having to go slower and a couple of foot spin-outs.

A nice run on a beautiful day. The Ignite’s did exactly what I wanted from them and didn’t bother my feet at all on the run.

Now to get ready for another winter storm tomorrow and then sub-zero temps later in the week – yech.

Is it spring yet!!!


2 thoughts on “About as Good as it Gets

    1. Thanks, Yeah, but we are more than a month into it here, but the good news is in 3 months it will be mostly over and we are supposed to get the snow blower back this week, which will save my back an awful lot of misery and time outside getting intimate with that damn snow scoop. 😉 hehehehe

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