I Am Not Crazy About the Crack of Dawn Running

A little change in the schedule for the next couple of weeks (those 9-5 hours versus 11-7), has me getting up a bit earlier and having to get an outside run done means 0’dark thirty running or otherwise known as getting out at the crack of dawn.

The crack of dawn 1/3/16

I did a quick mile walk with Bennie before my run, to let him do his thing and get a little warm-up in before I headed out the door for a run, much to his consternation. N0, I won’t run with him first thing in the morning, my body is not awake yet and with the way Bennie runs, sooner rather than later, I would end up pulling something and being on the injured list for a while.

Plus the roads are a bit dicey out heah during the winter and when it is dark out, it is better to not be attached to a spastic Jack Russell Terrier.

So I went out and had the worst run I have had in a long time.

My mind, body and spirit just were not into running that time of the “day”, so it didn’t do too well. Let’s just say that I finished, grumbled at bit and went in to have a quick breakfast.

Yeah, I hate these early morning winter runs, where you have to get all bundled up, but have to get used to them for a few weeks.

Slow and steady.

Run #2

Now this run was a whole lot better, but it was inside on the treadmill. After how crappy I felt this morning, I wasn’t sure what kind of workout I was gonna do, but it was going to be faster than 9:15’s this afternoon.

Now I have learned that the accelerometer for running on the treadmill in the Garmin FR35 is about as accurate as me guessing how far I have run on a course I have never run before without any electronic assistance. So I just go by the treadmill mileage and run to even miles on the watch and add in a bit on my Spreadsheet which is my official training log.

So what did I end up doing?

.50 @ 7.2 mph (8:20 pace)

.50 @ 7.5 mph (8:00 pace)

.25 @ 8.8 mph (6:48 pace)

.50 @ 7.5 mph

.25 @ 8.8 mph

.70 @ 7.5 mph

.10 @ 8.8 mph

.10 @ 7.5 mph

.10 @ 8.8 mph

.10 @ 7.5 mph

.30 @ 8.8 mph

I have forgotten how much it “hurts” to run faster and have to build up to doing it more often and l will.

The Puma Ignite 300-8.0’s did just fine and I am liking them better than the Adidas Adios 3.0. Even though I think that I can run a little faster in the AB3’s because of the boost midsole, the Puma’s are a more comfortable fit for my feet. I wonder if Puma will come out with a full-length boost-type or Ignite midsole in this weight-range. Now that would be an interesting shoe for me.

Oh well, the day evened out, one not great run and one pretty decent run. As long as we as runners don’t get all freaked out when a run or even a few runs don’t go the way we plan or want, things will work themselves out – usually.

4 thoughts on “I Am Not Crazy About the Crack of Dawn Running

    1. Yeah, I know that my body will just get adapted to the earlier stuff and I will be back on my regular schedule :). I know why and understand how, but the mind, body and spirit just ain’t cooperating yet hehehehe

    1. I know, but I just can’t wrap my head around having to do it at this point in my life. The brain is willing, the body doesn’t like it and the spirit thinks it sucks, but I will keep plugging away during this change to the schedule, which I prefer and “enjoy” it while I can. 🙂

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