First Run in Puma Speed 600S Ignite

Yeah, I am on a bit of a Puma running shoe kick right now. They are fitting my feet quite well, the quality of workmanship is very good and the prices on Amazon have been rather amazing – almost to the point of me getting in a lot of trouble with the wife.

It means that I have a few shoes that are in the closet or in temporary retirement, until well I start running in them again. Which if I keep liking the Puma’s as much as I have been lately, it might be a while.

A nice problem to have.

I really like the style/looks of the 600’s and the outsole tread, seems to be a nice multipurpose tread. They seemed to be right in the wheelhouse of what I look for in a daily trainer, long run shoe and for recovery days. In other words the 600’s intrigued me and the price was right.

However, I was worried about the 600’s weight when I ordered them, since I like my shoes to be right around 10 oz or less. Just about everything I was reading had them somewhere over 11 oz or just under. Which isn’t bad, but more than I prefer. Also, I was wondering how the side strap would work with my Tailor’s Bunionette.


As you can see from the photo, the 600’s come in at 10.1 oz, which is close enough.

I had thought about doing a quick run outside this morning, but didn’t get up in time to get outside (yeah, I chose to sleep an extra 20 minutes and yes, it was worth it). So I waited to do the first run on the treadmill, but before that I wore them at work to see how they would do with extended time – about 6 hours.

No issues while wearing them at work, which is a good sign for my running shoes.

I went to lunch late and planned on a steady 7.0 mph (about 8:35 pace) for 5.0 miles on the treadmill. The running was easy and I was feeling good. However, the right foot was annoyed by the strap after the third mile and it continued to the end. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t that put them on, get running and they disappear for the first run that I had hoped for.

Running that far for a first run on the treadmill does have the advantage of being able to focus completely on how the shoes are working. However, the disadvantage is with the repetitive nature of the foot striking the same way each time on a treadmill, is my stride has historically caused problems with my right foot.

Usually there are five levels when it comes to shoes while on a treadmill for me:

  1. no problem
  2. annoyance
  3. discomfort
  4. pain
  5. gotta stop

So I wasn’t all that surprised when the annoyance began and was happy that is all that it remained. Many times I have to stop running on the treadmill, due to the problem progressing to being more than discomfort with my running shoes.

It wasn’t anything serious, but not what I wanted. That broken toe probably isn’t helping, since that foot has not felt right since I bounced it off the cedar chest (I think I got the little toe and side of the foot as well) and has bothered in all the shoes I have run in lately. So that probably is part of the annoyance as well.

Based on what I learned during the treadmill run:

  • I have a feeling strap will stretch a bit and I am going to put LockLaces on them, which will have a bit more give than the present laces.

It wasn’t as good a beginning as I had hoped for, but at the same time it wasn’t nearly as bad as some and I wore the 600’s back to work for 2.5 more hours without any issues.

That was a very good sign.

Based on the initial fit/feel of the 600’s there is a good chance they might be a very interesting running shoe going forward. Only time and more runs in them will give me the answer.

However, I have a feeling that for a while I will just run outside in them, keep the treadmill miles shorter and in other shoes.


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