A Better Test, but a Bit Chilly

There this 5+ miler outside was better than yesterday’s treadmill run in my new Puma Speed 600 Ignite’s. They felt fine until I started back up the hill and then they were good once I got up to the top and lengthened out my stride again. Something about going up the steep hill the 600’s didn’t like. Otherwise I was very pleased with how well they did.


Okay, let’s get to the run, because the conditions are important too and the 600’s did well, despite the conditions.

10*F with a light breeze out of the north, made it a bit chilly. While the roads were mostly clear, there was some icy spots and if I needed to get out on the shoulder to yield to a vehicle, it was definitely icy or very hard snow.

It was cold enough that I dug out Hannibal Lector mask, which made the run a lot more bearable than it would have been otherwise, but scary if anyone had been outside to meet me. However, when I run with the mask it also means no glasses – not a good thing for a guy with 20/400 vision. It does make me focus more on running and less on what is going on around me though.


I did start out pretty slow and didn’t try to push in those temps. 10*F just is not conducive to me running hard, it is more about getting out there doing the mileage and coming back in one piece. I accomplished both today and learned a little more about the 600’s and how they fit with my merino wool socks on.


Speaking of which, my feet never got cold! Which is a big deal in winter and when running on the shoulders, the 600’s did a good job in the grip department for road shoes.

Now I just have to put some miles on the 600’s to see how they will really work. This run gave me a lot more confidence in them.

2 thoughts on “A Better Test, but a Bit Chilly

  1. I always find that the cold temps, and especially breathing through multiple layers, makes if more effort to run and breath! Good job getting out there!

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