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Harold intake is back. Damn that was chilly

from Instagram:


  1. Looks too cold. Though I may have to invest in a face guard like that if I want to run through this Berliner winter. The cold is much more bitter here than it was in Hamburg.

    • It was cold 10*F is cold. I would recommend a belaclava or a scarf. The neoprene mask is okay, but it does not allow you to do some things and makes me sweat and makes it nasty feeling after 3-4 miles on my cheeks.

      • I find that when I run with a mask, the more gross side of me as a runner doesn’t happen as easily, those nose rockets and spitting out the phlegm that is dredged up, stuff that most of us do, but don’t talk to much about in polite company – just other runners hehehee. Yes, if you can tolerate the wool scarfs they would work great and all you got to do is pull it down for a second, plus if you already have them it saves you a couple dollars. 😉

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