Weekly Update – 1-8-1

This afternoon, it was a bit chilly to do much outside, so I did a little project. Find all the running shoes that I have squirreled away in the house, garage and truck to see how many I have wandering around the house.


I came up with just a couple. 😉

Actually, I think a couple were missing, I can’t find my old Nike Air Flo (yes, the originals from the early 90’s) and I thought there were a couple more, but I must have already given them to Goodwill or hidden them so well I couldn’t find them.

There will be 3-4 more going out to the give-away pile, several more to the back of the garage, two pair for the truck and others waiting to get back in the rotation, when my current Puma fixation wanes.

This week I got my first 40 mile week in a long time and actually it matches the number of 40 mile weeks I had in all of 2016 – one. Hopefully, it is a good sign of things to come, but maintaining 40 mile weeks, with the weather and road conditions will be tough this winter I have a feeling. So I am not trying for a streak of everything over 40 miles, but it is where I would like to be most weeks.


Otherwise, I am feeling really good running, the only issue that I am having right now is when I try to run on the treadmill and where I rammed my right toes and foot into the hope chest a few weeks ago bothers a bit. It doesn’t bother nearly as badly when I am running outside, which means it has something to do with how I land (on the outside of my right forefoot), with certain running shoes on the treadmill.


I also tend to run a little faster on the treadmill than I do outside, so that might have something to do with it too.

One of the better weeks that I have in a while and I just hope that it continues.

Be smart, stay smart and avoid Harold being Harold screw-ups.


Treadmill Time

I took Bennie for a walk this morning before my planned 6.0 mile run and figured out a couple of things.

First – It was cold and the breeze was straight out of the north, with the wind chills the phone app said -2*F


Second – Although the roads were plowed, there was an awful lot of white ice and about an inch of snow covering the areas that I knew had ice on the road shoulders. A quick recipe for nothing good. Continue reading “Treadmill Time”