Treadmill Time

I took Bennie for a walk this morning before my planned 6.0 mile run and figured out a couple of things.

First – It was cold and the breeze was straight out of the north, with the wind chills the phone app said -2*F


Second – Although the roads were plowed, there was an awful lot of white ice and about an inch of snow covering the areas that I knew had ice on the road shoulders. A quick recipe for nothing good.

Thinking about it, either one of those conditions are non-starters and when you put them together – it definitely means spending quality time on the treadmill. I will run in colder temps when the roads are clear and I will run on the roads when it is warmer, but as I get older I have set the bar and parameters a lot higher, on what I will run in with the body that is now mine.

So the treadmill at Planet Fitness called out my name rather loudly.

I just had to figure out which shoes.

I have been having issues with all the shoes on the treadmill lately (since I wacked it off the hope chest), so I decided to use the Puma Ignite P/W’s to see how they would do on the treadmill.

Once I started I figured out that it wasn’t going to be a fast run and just set it on 7.0 mph (about 8.30 or so) and kept it there for the whole run.


I felt good and the Ignites were feeling good right up to the last mile, then the right foot started to bother a little. I could have gone further, but at the same time, what for?

I accomplished what I wanted and got my 6.0 miles in, for a 40 mile week, so I didn’t need to do more.

The treadmill and my watch are still a long ways apart


Overall, it was a nice treadmill run. Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, it was absolutely the correct choice, running outside in that kind of cold and road conditions would only set me up for some kind of an injury, which I don’t want or need.

One thought on “Treadmill Time

  1. I dealt with the cold, but we never got any real snow this weekend so everything was clear – so safety wasn’t an issue. You definitely made the right call!

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