A Good Run, Just Not as Good as Garmin Said

When my face hurts in less than 5 minutes of being outside for Bennie’s first walk, I know that it is pretty damn cold, as a matter of fact according to the thermometer it -7 and when you add or should I say take-away a bit for a nice pleasant little breeze, well you get the idea. Then almost falling on my arse because I wasn’t paying attention and stepped on a nice slippery patch of white ice — well I knew I wasn’t running outside this morning.

Yes, this was yesterday and no it didn’t look a lot different at 6:30 AM this morning

The wife and I enjoy having breakfast together and I am on my last 9-5 week for a while, so immediately heading out to the gym to get a first run in, really is not an option. So I went back in, ate a nice breakfast, yakked about the day and how she was feeling (she was sick as a dog all weekend) and got ready for work.

Then we had an unexpected appointment at 1:00 at work, which meant that I had to go to an early lunch.

Typical Monday stuff.

So when I got on the treadmill I was pretty damn ready to run and knew that I had to get my arse back to work pretty quickly. I wanted a good test of the how the Puma Speed 300S Ignites were going to be now that I put the Locklaces on and see if the calibration walk yesterday helped any on the indoor running accuracy? Continue reading “A Good Run, Just Not as Good as Garmin Said”

Putin ordered intervention in presidential election, U.S. intelligence agencies report – The Portland Press Herald

No matter what your political views are, I believe that we still need to read source documents (or as close to the sources as possible) without the filters and biases from politicians, reporters or whoever and think about what we read based on the content and context therein.

I still am not sure of the impact of Russia’s actions during the recent U.S. elections, but based on the unclassified information in this report, that there was intent to influence it.

If this is case, it is scary indeed. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I do not like the idea of a foreign power having the ability to have any influence on U.S. elections.

I wonder what will actually be done with this information – if anything based on the responses to this point?

Here is the link…and the Press Herald’s quick intro along with a link to their article.


In newly released material, the agencies conclude that the initial aim was to ‘denigrate’ Hillary Clinton, but then Russia developed a clear preference for Donald Trump.

Source: Putin ordered intervention in presidential election, U.S. intelligence agencies report – The Portland Press Herald