A Good Run, Just Not as Good as Garmin Said

When my face hurts in less than 5 minutes of being outside for Bennie’s first walk, I know that it is pretty damn cold, as a matter of fact according to the thermometer it -7 and when you add or should I say take-away a bit for a nice pleasant little breeze, well you get the idea. Then almost falling on my arse because I wasn’t paying attention and stepped on a nice slippery patch of white ice — well I knew I wasn’t running outside this morning.

Yes, this was yesterday and no it didn’t look a lot different at 6:30 AM this morning

The wife and I enjoy having breakfast together and I am on my last 9-5 week for a while, so immediately heading out to the gym to get a first run in, really is not an option. So I went back in, ate a nice breakfast, yakked about the day and how she was feeling (she was sick as a dog all weekend) and got ready for work.

Then we had an unexpected appointment at 1:00 at work, which meant that I had to go to an early lunch.

Typical Monday stuff.

So when I got on the treadmill I was pretty damn ready to run and knew that I had to get my arse back to work pretty quickly. I wanted a good test of the how the Puma Speed 300S Ignites were going to be now that I put the Locklaces on and see if the calibration walk yesterday helped any on the indoor running accuracy?

This is how it went:

  • 3.0 miles @ 7.6 (about 7:55 pace)
  • 0.75 @ 8.1 (about 7:24 pace)
  • 0.25 @ 8.6 (about 6:55 pace)

This is probably the best run I have had in a while on the treadmill. I felt strong the entire way and could have kept going. I like the way the 300’s felt with the Locklaces, the right foot bothered a lot less (plus I am doing some rehab/prehab stuff with it at home in the evenings) and the stride just felt comfortable.

Unfortunately, the FR-35 still sucks donkey balls when it comes to matching or even getting close to the same distance as the treadmill. From what I can tell there is no way to calibrate it so it is in the same ballpark +/-.1 or even .2 as the treadmill, being 0.9 difference is way too far off for only 4.0 miles.


I don’t care what the watch says, there ain’t no way in hell that I was running at 6:17 pace for 4.9 miles with a sub 6:00 minute last quarter-mile. Maybe 30 years ago, but not at almost 60 on a treadmill training run – it ain’t reality and I sure ain’t buying it, although I do wish it was accurate. That would be pretty cool and put me in some pretty fast company.

Yes, it is way off on all the different treadmills I have tried both at Planet Fitness and UMA. Not really impressed with this function – Garmin needs to allow correction of a run before we save it. Which is too bad, because the rest of the watch I love.

Oh well, I guess we can’t have everything and it isn’t like Garmin Connect or Strava are my official running logs – that is why I keep my spreadsheet to make sure that I have the correct mileage there or at least as close as I can get.

A good day to run inside.

Unfortunately, looking at the next couple of days, I might be getting too well acquainted with that treadmill thing-a-jing. 😉

Now to figure out if there is anyway to calibrate the FR-35 to be a LOT more accurate on those treadthings.


5 thoughts on “A Good Run, Just Not as Good as Garmin Said

  1. I feel like using these things on a treadmill is like using them while pushing a grocery cart or the lawn mower – sure you get SOME credit, or too much credit, but not nearly correct!

    1. The funny thing was that I could calibrate my Garmin 310XT with the footpad and it was pretty darn close. The last run with the foot pod was .1 off after 5k, close enough for me. So I am disappointed, with not being able to calibrate it for the treadmill or at least I haven’t figured it out – yet 😉

    1. I wouldn’t be as critical if there was a way to calibrate the FR-35 and footpod to treadmill running, like I could with my old Garmin 310XT, almost like Garmin ignored that the footpod needs calibration to be semi-accurate.

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