Putin ordered intervention in presidential election, U.S. intelligence agencies report – The Portland Press Herald

No matter what your political views are, I believe that we still need to read source documents (or as close to the sources as possible) without the filters and biases from politicians, reporters or whoever and think about what we read based on the content and context therein.

I still am not sure of the impact of Russia’s actions during the recent U.S. elections, but based on the unclassified information in this report, that there was intent to influence it.

If this is case, it is scary indeed. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I do not like the idea of a foreign power having the ability to have any influence on U.S. elections.

I wonder what will actually be done with this information – if anything based on the responses to this point?

Here is the link…and the Press Herald’s quick intro along with a link to their article.


In newly released material, the agencies conclude that the initial aim was to ‘denigrate’ Hillary Clinton, but then Russia developed a clear preference for Donald Trump.

Source: Putin ordered intervention in presidential election, U.S. intelligence agencies report – The Portland Press Herald

3 thoughts on “Putin ordered intervention in presidential election, U.S. intelligence agencies report – The Portland Press Herald

  1. Thanks for posting this in such a neutral way – at least as much as is possible.

    There are a few things that bother me about all of this:
    – Both Democratic and Republican leaders knew about the hacks (including the RNC which was breached but possibly nothing taken), and a meeting was held to present a united front opposing the hacking/meddling. Mitch McConnell specifically would NOT join that, instead choosing to politicize the DNC hack and use leaks as political fodder. Trump rewarded this by making McConnell’s wife a cabinet member. Sure this could be “correlation but not causation” … but it really doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’. I am left with the question “how did the GOP know nothing about THEM would be leaked?”
    – Trump’s utter disparagement and lack of respect for the intelligence community is unforgivable. But in a way it makes sense – all he is doing is ‘defending the win’ at all costs … he has already shown he has no regard for other people, will throw anyone under the bus, has no concerns about nepotism, collusion, corruption, or anything else that will help him get his way. His effusive praise of Putin compared to his horrible racist attacks on Obama SHOULD concern all citizens … it astounds me that they don’t.
    – Trump supporters who at once seek ‘honesty’ from Clinton, etc. yet don’t care about transparency from Trump; who want to battle ‘voter fraud’ yet show no concern about potential election irregularities and in fact blocked investigations into election integrity and scoff at the Russian meddling.

    I have never seen a party and administration so singularly bent on destroying whatever the previous administration did – regardless of the consequences to the American people. Though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – since 2008 these same people worked against the needs of Americans for their own political purposes.

    It really astounds me the extent to which we are very fundamentally divided in this country, in a way I have never witnessed in my life.

    1. Mike – I have many of the same concerns and am attempting to be as neutral as I can, since I am not at either end of the spectrum and want to see what happens. Unfortunately, I am seeing too many double-standards on what the standards were before the election and how they are very different now that the Republicans are in power. It is what is not being said, but is being purposely sidestepped, ignored and pushed through without questioning the ethical and suitability of candidates or trusting the institutions that we have in place to protect the entire country.

      That is what bothers me the most by the former power brokers of the former opposition party. The shortcuts they are taking to consolidate their power for the future and not stopping to ensure that the proper checks and balances are kept in place to protect the Republic and Constitution.

      Scary times indeed, fundamentalists who are not abiding by the fundamentals of democracy in the quest for more power.

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