53*F = Shorts in January

It was pouring rain this morning and by the time we went out for Bennie’s first walk, the driveway was a skating rink – like most everyone else it seems.

fdb05-15875940_1816566228604378_5106909418537091072_nLuckily the roads were not too bad, but there just wasn’t enough time to get in a run after walking Bean. We had slept in a little more, while waiting for the rain to stop, just a little too long.

However, with the rains came a huge break in the temperatures we went from -7*F up to 53*F in just over 24 hours. Which meant that when I got over to Planet Fitness there was no way I could go inside and force myself on the treadmill. I c’mon man…it was over 50*F, bright sunshine, a bit of breeze and the roads over that way very runnable.

Let’s see, shorts are okay at that temp, short sleeve shirt – it was pretty breezy, but I have an emergency windbreaker in the truck and my running gloves. Ahhh what to hell, I got enough gear to run 3-4 miles outside.

Now which shoes, the Puma Ignite PWCOOL or Puma Speed 300 Ignites? When I thought about it, there wasn’t much thinking.

I need to get a few miles outside in the 300’s and see if it would calibrate the foot pod, plus I wanted to see how they felt running on something other than the treadmill.

Okay let’s run.

The people at the desk just looked at me like I had three heads and I smiled and waved to them. I decided to do the 5K course in reverse and off I went.


As you can see from the pacing I didn’t push hard, but I didn’t slog it either. I felt really good and could have picked it up anytime, but was looking for a steady effort and got a really good run out of it. That dip at the end was me wanting to go do another lap around and looking at my watch to see what time it was and deciding whether to keep going or turn in and get back to work.

My boss is great and it was a slower day and I have some comp time, so it wouldn’t have been that big a deal, but…me being me I didn’t want to suddenly not show back up to work fairly close to when I was due back, without telling someone. Preferably ahead of time. She is a runner, so there would have been a level of understanding and she told me I should have gone for it, but there is a level of courtesy and respect for others that just wouldn’t let me do it. Old-fashioned I guess, but that is who I am.

The Puma 300’s did great, not any issue with fit/feel during the run and I like running in them outside better than on the treadmill. They have a comfortable feel, smooth transition and felt cushioned enough to be a light-weight daily trainer, yet light enough to run fast in.

Now to see if the foot pod is any more accurate or not.

Although I do sort of wish that I had done the extra lap πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “53*F = Shorts in January

  1. As I noted on Instagram it was a bit tricky out for me this morning starting out but got better as I went along … I am REALLY looking forward to 40F tomorrow morning!

    Glad your day brightened up nicely for the run! 53F is awesome – we didn’t get nearly that warm. And yeah, cold is headed back soon enough!

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