Mind Melding With The Couch

Cold/flu or whatever to hell you want to call this damn thing.

Coughing, sneezing, running eyes, runny nose, headache and feeling like shit.

After coming back from a two mile walk yesterday afternoon, I started this nasty stuff, I know that everyone else in the house had been beaten into submission with the same symptoms over the last week. However, I thought I had gotten lucky and avoided it.

I didn’t!

Today I have melded as one with the couch, moved only when I had to and then the body protested every step of the way. Bennie was a good companion and never left my side and even when I had to take him out for his walks did the absolute minimum to do his business and turn-around. Almost like he was taking pity on me. 🙂

They do know and try to keep us safe.

So much for that run into Augusta I had planned on and getting up and doing some purging of stuff that I really don’t need to keep.

Then to top it off, I dropped my phone on the floor this morning and didn’t really think much of it, because I was feeling so crappy. Unfortunately, I did something, because now nothing works. It beeped and buzzed for a while and finally stopped doing anything – not a good thing if you ask me. Too bad because I did like my Droid II, the camera was amazing and it did everything I wanted.

So no photos of mutley and me together on the couch 🙂

Oh well, I will be feeling better tomorrow and who knows, maybe the phone with spontaneously heal itself overnight ;-).

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