Garmin FR 35 – Initial Thoughts

I got my Garmin FR 35 as a Christmas gift from TheWife and am very happy with how well it is working out for me.


Well mostly.

It is not a top of the line running watch, but from my experience it probably is all the watch that I really need. Continue reading “Garmin FR 35 – Initial Thoughts”

On The Other Side

kimg0003There I am finally, on the other side of whatever to $#%@ hit me upside the head this week. Two days out of work sick. However, it was unusual because my body was decent, weak but for the most part functional.

Unfortunately, from the neck up it sucked pretty bad. Between the runny eyes and runny nose, constant coughing/sneezing, pounding sinus headache and eyeball ache and the one thing that keeps me glued to the couch for stretches – dizziness, it made a mess of my training and other plans.

When you add in that Mary is still recovering from her battle with the same thing – a week later, made it so that I wanted to help out more versus simply sitting on the couch and being the stereotypical male who sucks at being sick. Or is it that I didn’t want her to think I was wimpy this time :).

Whatever it was – it was definitely nasty.  Continue reading “On The Other Side”