On The Other Side

kimg0003There I am finally, on the other side of whatever to $#%@ hit me upside the head this week. Two days out of work sick. However, it was unusual because my body was decent, weak but for the most part functional.

Unfortunately, from the neck up it sucked pretty bad. Between the runny eyes and runny nose, constant coughing/sneezing, pounding sinus headache and eyeball ache and the one thing that keeps me glued to the couch for stretches – dizziness, it made a mess of my training and other plans.

When you add in that Mary is still recovering from her battle with the same thing – a week later, made it so that I wanted to help out more versus simply sitting on the couch and being the stereotypical male who sucks at being sick. Or is it that I didn’t want her to think I was wimpy this time :).

Whatever it was – it was definitely nasty. 


Even when you are sick as a dog, you still have to keep living the life you have and get stuff done, like walking the dog, getting a replacement phone, finally getting the snowblower back (I dropped it off before Christmas) and using said snowblower to get rid of the 2-3 inches we got overnight.

So even though I felt like shite and had to take 2 sick days from work, I still had to keep plugging away at life. Which is okay, because I think just laying/sitting on the couch for the past 2.5 days would have bothered me more than doing the couch meld. I am not much for couching it, although I do enjoy resting on it, until it is time for the next installment of Harold being Harold. 🙂

Yes, I even got a new phone. Mary drove me upta Waterville yesterday (you know I was sick if I was in a vehicle as a passenger – i.e. not driving) and after a little tap dancing around what the salesman wanted us to get versus getting what Harold the Destroyer needs.

I settled on the Kyocera DuraForce Pro. The same one that I had researched and looked at once I figured out that the Motorola was completely pooched.

No it is not a state of the art phone, but it is a tank, that is built to take the abuse that seems to go along with being my phone. You can read more about the DuraForce Pro here.

The primary focus about me having a phone is a decent camera and how rugged it is. Kyocera, seemed to be the most rugged phone with a decent camera that I could find. So far, it is able to do everything that I want from it.

One thing that I never liked about my Motorola was the lack of physical buttons for home, back and recently used, the Kyocera has physical buttons, is MILSPEC 810G compliant, waterproof in 6′ of water for 30 minutes (though I imagine it would do a little better than that) and has a 13 megapixel camera with other modes to use if I want.

I have high hopes that it will be a Harold phone and be tough enough to avoid many of the issues that go along with being my phone.

To me my phone is a tool needs to meet, how I actually us one. To be honest I don’t treat my smart phones badly, but I am clumsy, outside in all kinds of weather and have been known to be spontaneous about things. Which means my phone is put in situations that probably endanger its ability to keep working after I am done. 🙂

So getting a tank smart phone will probably be smart for me in the long run.

And I have to admit that I did sleep on the couch this morning from around 8:30 t 11:00 this morning – that kind of sleep where I heard nothing and woke up a bit disoriented, because it was so late. However, I did feel a lot better after that sleep.

Back to it tomorrow.

We will see how weak I am, but it has only been two days since I ran last.

…and I will run tomorrow.

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