A Busy Day

We had a surprise 3″ inches of partly cloudy when I woke up this morning, so I had to get out the snowblower again this morning before I headed out for work.


However, I did something different, I turned my FR35 on walk outside and measured how far I walked behind the beast.


.89 mile for just under 40:00 minutes of walking wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t as far as I thought, but with more snow it takes longer to do the clean-up and more passes. A nice baseline for future driveway sorties ;-).

I even went back to work today and survived, I only went into zombie mode a couple of times.

At lunch I had a choice of either heading out to the truck to take a nap or going over to Planet Fitness for quick treadmill run. Well if you know me it was a pretty easy choice – no runs this week, having been more of a couch potato than I like…while the truck nap had appeal, the need to move got me moving.

I did a quick 3.0 miles in 24:32 and the combo of the FR35 and my Garmin footpod did it usual beastly job of not being anywhere close to accurate, saying that I had run sub 7:00’s and 3.7 miles. I am getting ready to remove the footpod and just go with whatever comes up. If anything the footpod makes it even less accurate.

However, I did notice that when I wear my T/C compression socks, they are bothering my right foot under the toe and that is on 2 of the 3 pair I have worn lately. So I am not sure what is going on with them??? It is more of an annoyance than a bother, but I do not like being distracted by things going on with my right foot (too many bad things happen with that foot), so I have figure it out or get rid of them.

Overall a better day than I expected for the first day back to work after feeling like crap all week.