2 thoughts on “The Beast is Back

  1. Awesome. My driveway is small enough, and we’re buffered by the hills from the major central NY snow of Syracuse/Rochester/Buffalo so I can just enjoy the shoveling as extra aerobic exercise.

    But I have never had to ‘shovel the snowbanks’ like I had to every year in Massachusetts! So I definitely think it is a good thing that ‘the beast’ is back!

    1. I had to check out how far I walked to snowblow the driveway with a small amount of snow this morning and it too me about 40 minutes and just under a mile of walking. I would have thought it would have been more, but I know with more snow there is more clean-up, but it does give me a good baseline. The snowblower and almost 300 ft driveway makes scooping or shoveling a bit of workout. 😉

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