Puma Ignite Power Cool – 50 Mile Review

It has taken me awhile to get to the 50 mile review on these shoes and it has been a sort of convoluted journey to get here.


I have been pretty much running in nothing but Puma’s lately, not for any particular reason, other than I can and for the most part are working well for me. The price points over the Holidays were pretty amazing, plus I got one of those wild hairs across something and so far I am having fun with it.

The Ignite P/C’s here were probably released in the summer of 2015 and they are Version 1 of the Ignite line with a different upper than the original Ignite. I think that is about the only difference that I can tell. However, due to the complex way Puma identifies or doesn’t identify their shoes, it makes it difficult at best to know when they were actually released or what the differences are between their models. Continue reading “Puma Ignite Power Cool – 50 Mile Review”