Waited for the Plow Truck

Today was a mess outside, we started the day with 2-3″ of ice pellets, the joys of walking in that stuff was beyond belief (it was like walking on a frozen bean bag chair that had burst all over the road, yard, or driveway) , then add a bit of snow and freezing rain = Lots of fun.

weather map.PNG

So Bennie and I got a couple of walks in this morning and then after lunch I felt the need to get outside and move, so I walked down to the upper gate down-back. As I was coming up… Continue reading “Waited for the Plow Truck”

Last Week was a bit Tough

Since it is ice pelleting outside and we have about 2 inches of ice pellets with a flash rain freeze underneath, I don’t think I will be stoopid enough to attempt a run in the next few minutes – maybe later ;-).

So I will take a look back at last week and the nastiness of whatever bug it was that flattened me, the rest of the house and even where I work. Mary, who rarely gets sick was pretty much out of commission for the week and still feels like crap, both step daughters were waylaid by it and then three out of four people at work missed days due to whatever strain of sickness was going around.


The worst part of whatever to hell this is, is that it doesn’t let go and comes back for another round of kick your arse about 5-7 days later. Continue reading “Last Week was a bit Tough”