Last Week was a bit Tough

Since it is ice pelleting outside and we have about 2 inches of ice pellets with a flash rain freeze underneath, I don’t think I will be stoopid enough to attempt a run in the next few minutes – maybe later ;-).

So I will take a look back at last week and the nastiness of whatever bug it was that flattened me, the rest of the house and even where I work. Mary, who rarely gets sick was pretty much out of commission for the week and still feels like crap, both step daughters were waylaid by it and then three out of four people at work missed days due to whatever strain of sickness was going around.


The worst part of whatever to hell this is, is that it doesn’t let go and comes back for another round of kick your arse about 5-7 days later.

I did get a 50 mile review of the Puma Ignite PowerCool’s done and while I like the feel of them on the road, the way Puma designed the tongue just doesn’t work for me and I will not get another offering from them with that particular tongue design.



However, I have been running in the Ignite 300 and Ignite 600 and liking them a lot, so more to come on them in a bit.


We got the snow blower back from the repair shop just in time to use it twice, although it did mean that I had to go get it while I felt like crap. Also my pooched my old Motorola Smart phone and needed to get a new one. So on Tuesday afternoon, Mary drove me up to Waterville to deal with Verizon and get a new phone. Yeah Mary drove me, so you know how bad I was feeling.

I had a pretty good idea on what I wanted – I had done a bit of research and figured out that the way that I use a smart phone, I don’t really need the highest-end specs, but need something that is built for durability, waterproof and could take a beating. About the only one that really met my needs was the Kyocera DuraForce Pro. The salesperson kept steering me towards the Motorola again, but I already had a pretty good idea on what I wanted.

A phone that has a close resemblance to a small tank.

duraforce pro screenshot.PNG
Screenshot from

So I now have a new smart phone – the Kyocera DuraForce Pro and have been pleasantly surprised at how much I like it so far.


This being sick thing meant that my running took a beating last week. Even on the days that I ran, it was more mind over body, (if you don’t mind, it don’t matter) than getting out there and simply enjoying the runs.


Monday – DNR

Tuesday – DNR

Wednesday – DNR

Thursday – I went to work feeling like crap, needed to get out of the house and others in the office were out sick. Not 100% by any stretch of the imagination, but for lunch break I got on the treadmill and forced myself to run. As the run went on I felt better, but when I got to 3.0 miles, I also knew that it was time to stop. I just didn’t have anything left.

Friday – Another one of those put the treadmill on 7.2 mph and run for as long as I could. The last half mile was nasty, but I made it to 4.0

Saturday – Mary offered to chase me down on a run to Augusta, so who was I to say no. The steady diet of running on the treadmill or down then back up the Bitch was getting tiring/boring and all those other descriptions of having to run the same course all the time. However, I also knew that I still felt like crap, so I adjusted how far I would have to run and asked Mary if she would leave the house 45 minutes after I started running.

The first 3-4 miles were actually pretty decent, but about mile 5.0, I started feeling like crap (being sick caught up with me) and that last mile plus was pretty brutal. Mary caught up to me in front of the old SCI light and I will be honest, I was very glad to jump in the car and stop running. Not my usual response when she catches me.

Sunday – An easy recovery run down to Pepin Way and battling back up the Bitch.

Overall, not the week I had planned, but with all things considered, I was pretty happy to get those 17 miles in.

This getting/being sick and then having it hang around like it is has really sucked. However, sometimes you just suck it up, do what you gotta do and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

9 thoughts on “Last Week was a bit Tough

  1. Sometimes just getting through a week is a victory. Both my kids have been sick, then I felt lousy over the weekend. Youngest daughter has a cough that just won’t let go. It’s just frustrating.

    1. We just have to roll with the punches life throws our and remember we are getting ready for 4 months from now and beyond, not just next weekend πŸ˜‰ At least that is what I have been telling myself πŸ˜‰

    1. No, I was surprised that they don’t bother my feet and I have a Tailor’s Bunionette on the side of my right foot and usually have issues with the forefoot width. I have found that the Ignite series has a little more forefoot room, especially the rounded versions. Find a local store or it seems like Foot Locker or some other mall stores have Puma running shoes in stock. I do like the styling and fit of the Ignite 300 & 600 better than the regular ignite series, more of a runner’s fit. Try them on first to see how they fit your feet, but if they do, they have some exceptional deals on Amazon, once you figure out what is what πŸ™‚

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