Waited for the Plow Truck

Today was a mess outside, we started the day with 2-3″ of ice pellets, the joys of walking in that stuff was beyond belief (it was like walking on a frozen bean bag chair that had burst all over the road, yard, or driveway) , then add a bit of snow and freezing rain = Lots of fun.

weather map.PNG

So Bennie and I got a couple of walks in this morning and then after lunch I felt the need to get outside and move, so I walked down to the upper gate down-back. As I was coming up…

Down-back was a bit tough to walk

the plow truck comes barreling down the road, after he goes by, I got this crazy-ass runner’s idea that the roads were not that bad now and were runnable.


See how my twisted brain works. Plowed roads = equals runnable roads, even with the winds whipping and the freezing rain doing its thing.

Yeah, I am that sick.

I took a quick walk around the Circle, just to make sure it was okay, hustled inside, informed the wife (who was doing Billy Blanks), that I was going running. She just shook her head, sort of smiled and went back to her workout. My wife pretty much understands my form of insanity, but sometimes…well she married me knowing full well that I am a runner. Shhhh she is too and has run in worse conditions.

So I got geared up and off I went.


The first mile was actually not too bad, the footing was still pretty reasonable, the winds were definitely out of the NE and I even met one of the neighbors out walking his dog. However, the crap falling from the sky was not getting better and by the time I started the second mile, it was getting slippery and the squish factor was coming back out on the road.

As I got to the top of the hill, this sudden urge to lose weight came upon me – it was one of those – no!!!!! feelings that you have absolutely no control about. I frantically looked around for someplace out-of-the-way, but with all the leaves gone and lots of white snow/ice and me wearing a bright blue jacket and safety yellow hat, made me fairly obvious to anyone going by (not that anyone was out driving today). I finally found a reasonably obscure place, did what I had to and quickly got back to running.


I know TMI, but it is a part of running…not the nicest part, but still a part.


The last lap was pretty brutal, I still am not fully recovered from whatever it was that waylaid me last week and with the footing getting worse each step, I just wanted to stop at 3.0 miles. I had thought about doing 4-5, but considering the conditions 3.0 miles was plenty.

The 600’s did better than I thought they would in the conditions, I don’t really think that my Mizuno Kazan’s would have done any better, because I wore them on my walk down-back and they didn’t do any better.

I did have to smile when I finished – I did the run and came back in one piece = a good winter run.


Supper was a throw-back: Baked potato, squash from the garden, apple sauce from our trees and venison back strap from dad, oh yeah a nice glass of burgundy. I used my family recipe and pan-fried the venison in butter, with a touch of salt. I know not the super healthy way to cook according to many, but at the same time – it all was delicious and better than many restaurant meals that I have had.

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