A Planned Vacation Day

Yesterday was an unplanned day off from work, due to the big storm, today was a planned vacation day, so I could attend the Central Maine Striders Annual Banquet this evening.

However, getting to the point where I got there was a bit of a convoluted journey.

Due to the type of weather we received during the day (ice pellets 2-3″) and were overnight (heavy rain), I didn’t even try clear the driveway yesterday and luckily didn’t have to drive on it. So this morning was a wet, heavy, nasty mess. I was really glad that I had the snowblower back, it made things a lot less upper body workout intensive. As it was I still definitely got a helluva workout, twisting and turning the old beast on the driveway.


Once we got done, I took Bennie for his walk, I wasn’t even tempted to run outside this morning. The main travel lanes were passable, at least until it started to rain/freezing rain again with the temps in the low-to-mid 30’s, but if you met traffic and needed to get on the side – you needed to stop running and wait for traffic to go by.

The ice was just too nasty to keep running. Continue reading “A Planned Vacation Day”