A Planned Vacation Day

Yesterday was an unplanned day off from work, due to the big storm, today was a planned vacation day, so I could attend the Central Maine Striders Annual Banquet this evening.

However, getting to the point where I got there was a bit of a convoluted journey.

Due to the type of weather we received during the day (ice pellets 2-3″) and were overnight (heavy rain), I didn’t even try clear the driveway yesterday and luckily didn’t have to drive on it. So this morning was a wet, heavy, nasty mess. I was really glad that I had the snowblower back, it made things a lot less upper body workout intensive. As it was I still definitely got a helluva workout, twisting and turning the old beast on the driveway.


Once we got done, I took Bennie for his walk, I wasn’t even tempted to run outside this morning. The main travel lanes were passable, at least until it started to rain/freezing rain again with the temps in the low-to-mid 30’s, but if you met traffic and needed to get on the side – you needed to stop running and wait for traffic to go by.

The ice was just too nasty to keep running.


In the afternoon, I needed to clean SD2’s driveway – but no snowblower. All by the old reliable scoop and Harold power. It took about 45 minutes and gave me all the upper body workout, I needed – for the day.

After that I was finally able to go over to Champions Gym. Thank you Judy (a great trainer) for getting me a day pass. It was nice that the front desk person remembered me by name and I got to see a LOT of people who I used to see all the time when I was a member there for so many years. They have done a bunch of upgrades since I left and when I retire the next time, I plan to go back to being a member there. I still consider Champions my home gym – it just felt right to be there.

Oh yeah, I sat in the sauna, something I really, really miss. I even got involved with a sauna conversation on politics and even though we disagreed, we stated our opinions respectfully and discussed different points that each had looked at from that perspective. No, we didn’t come to any agreement, but it does show that we can disagree without being total jerks to one another.

It was nice to be back.

I got changed and ready to head to the dinner and I noticed a certain aroma wafting from my shirt. Yeah, it was one of my better running shirts, but after a winter of running in it – it has a certain “Harold the runner” smell that I hadn’t really noticed before. Now for wearing around the house or running, it is fine, but for going out to a public function…well I didn’t want to offend the other runners in the room too much, so I had to stop at TJ Maxx to get a shirt to wear to the supper.

After this winter, most of my long sleeve shirts will be heading down the road, so it was just an early replacement. 🙂

The supper was great and getting to see many of the other members of Central Maine Striders was fun. A lot of awards were given out and I got to gab, listen and learn more about everyone.






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