Tracking This Morning & 5.0 on the Treadmill Later

Sometimes you just have to stop and scratch your head.

This morning around 3:00 AM, yeah 3:00 AM we heard baying outside the house. It sounded like a hound or beagle, which got Bennie all worked up. However, when I looked out the window, I couldn’t see anything (yes, I put my glasses on). SD1 turned on the outside light and whatever it was left the yard.


This morning while walking Bennie down the driveway, I saw bloody dog-like footprints coming from the backyard and crossing the driveway and disappearing back into the woods. That much blood isn’t a good sign. So I walked Bennie looking to see if whatever it was crossed the road. However, I didn’t see anything and I couldn’t hear any baying, so I went back to the house with Bennie.

I did check out the back yard and there were bloody footprints all around the house. At that point I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to attempt to track whatever left the footprints in the yard, after breakfast.


So I started with a circle around the house and picked the likeliest track set and for the next hour and half wandered through the woods tracking the bloody footprints. It was a good thing that the snow had a thick crust, but even so I was glad that I had brought along a ski pole – it saved many a face plant, when I broke through.

Off in the distance, I could hear baying and thought I might be getting close to a hound down in the woods. However, it stopped baying after a few minutes and I didn’t hear it again. It could have been the hounds at the house up on the Quaker Road, I’m not sure, sounds travel differently in the woods sometimes.

I got to see some parts of the woods around me I haven’t seen in years and when I got over by the old bog, I stopped following the tracks and went around it. I didn’t feel like getting soaked or falling through the ice there. At that point I head uphill towards the snowmobile trail. After getting up on it, about 100 yards from where I came out the bloody paw prints came out of the woods.


Whatever it was using the snowmobile trail, which made trailing it a lot easier, at least until I got almost back to my property line and then it looked like the critter had done circles, gone back and forth and gone over past the neighbors (Mary went for a walk on the snowmobile trail towards Bartlett and told me later it had gone over past the neighbors property line and then turned around) and doubled back.

At that point I couldn’t tell which trail, was going where, so I gave up and went back down to the house.

I was still worried about the critter, because all through the tracking and trailing, there was an easy to follow blood trail and it was on all four paws in too many places. I am not sure if the pads were cut up from the crusty snow or what, but there was too much blood loss for it to be good.

Later Mary was out for a walk and talked to one of the newer neighbors who was out walking her dogs and said that their Blue Tick Hound had run-off yesterday and still hadn’t come back. Mary let her know what I had done to trail it that morning and gave me a call to let me know what she had learned.

So while I still do not know what happened to the dog, the neighbors seem like decent people and hopefully they found the dog and will get it taken care of. If I find out anything I will post an update.

All I know is that I had to go out and see if I could find the critter this morning. I know that I would want someone to do that for me, if Bennie were missing.

I just hope the little guy is okay.

Oh yeah, later in the afternoon, I went down to Planet Fitness and ran 5.0 boring miles on the treadmill. I ran in the 600’s and they now have over 50 miles on them. However, the run on the treadmill was not what I wanted from them. After 4.0 miles my right foot started to bother and as a precaution I shut it down at 5.0 miles instead of running for the 7-8 I had thought about.

It seems that 5.0 miles is about the limit on the treadmill for my right foot nowadays. I think it has something to do with me running a little faster than I do outside and the unchanging gait that the treadmill has, causes my foot to flare-up and talk nasty to me. I know change the elevations, speed and all that other good stuff, but once I get going, I tend to zone-out and just run and don’t think about changing things up too much.

An interesting day – to say the least.

Oh yeah, walking a lot in my PacBoots ain’t good on the Achilles either ;-).


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