Mostly Healthy Again – Week of 1/29/17

After last week’s fun and games and being sick as a dawg, this week was a lot better! Also only having to work 3 days didn’t hurt too much either. Although, the ice storm and the clean-up the next day were not too much fun.

Favorite Photo from last week

I did get to go back to Champions Fitness in Waterville last Wednesday and saw a bunch of people that I haven’t seen since I went back to work, sit in a sauna (I didn’t realize how much I miss that)…well it just felt good to be back there. I still consider Champions as my gym – lots of memories there.


After working out at Champions, I did get to go over to the Central Maine Striders annual banquet and got to see everyone, swap a few stories and it made me think more about what I really want to do this year…more on that in a post in the next week or two. I still need to do some more thinking about it.


Then yesterday, I got to do some tracking and wandered around in the woods out back for over an hour and half. Something I haven’t done in years, it was good to know that some of my old skills are still there, they just have a bit of rust on them. A country boy can survive, if you know what I mean.



Yeah, I ran seven days this week and while at the start of the week, I was still feeling pretty crappy, by today I was feeling fairly decent. Yeah, the ice did slow me up a little midweek, but I still got the runs in. Although, yesterday’s 5.0 on the treadmill were tough and bothered the right foot a little too much and shut it down sooner than I had planned. I wasn’t sure about how things would feel today and even thought about taking the day off.

However Bennie was rip raring to go, so I did a Bennie run and the foot felt fine. We did 4+ and called it good. Yes, I was tempted to go out and do another 2-3 miles to get that over 40 miles for the week, but when it came right down to it, I was simply too beat to go for another run. 38 miles is good enough after being so sick last week.

There was probably too much treadmill time and I am noticing that when when I get over 4.0 miles on the treadmill, my right foot starts to bother a little too much. It doesn’t seem to matter which shoes I am wearing and I am thinking it has more to do that I do run at least 7.0 mph (about a 8:30 pace) or faster whenever I run on one and that I tend to land more on the outside of my right foot at faster speeds. I even did an interval session on Thursday with 6x.25 @8.6 mph with 7.0 mph rest intervals.

I think that I run with a slightly different gait on the treadmill, that along with the gait being so repetitive for extended periods and some of the faster speeds, my right foot has taken a beating this week and is starting to tell me all about it. Now to be a bit smarter and hopefully, run a little more outside and limit the tready to 4.0 miles, which seems to be about where it starts to bother.

Running Shoes

This week, I stuck with a two shoe rotation, the Puma Speed 300 & 600 Ignite. Both are shoes that I really like a lot. Although the 600’s kind of spooked me yesterday when running on the treadmill and the right foot started to bother. However, today during the run, they didn’t bother at all, so that relieved me quite a bit. Since I am liking them a lot.


I wonder if some of the issues that I have with my right foot and my running shoes is more of a treadmill and Harold physiological/anatomical issue, than it is any issues with my running shoes. It is something that I am going to keep a closer tab on and attempt to run outside more in some of those shoes that I think are bothering me so much to see if it is the shoes or just me running on the treadmill in them? It will be interesting to see.

The Speed 600’s are ready for their 50 mile review and next week, I will go over 50 miles in the Speed 300’s, so I have to think about two 50 mile reviews pretty soon. Not that it really bothers me all that much. πŸ™‚

Activity Log

I am going to start something new. Since my Garmin FR35 is also an activity tracker, below is a an overview of my activity this week, it will be interesting to see how it varies from week-to-week.


I didn’t really think that I would pay very much attention to this function, but I am finding that I do look at it more than I want to admit.

Overall, a pretty busy, but good week. I was happy with the mileage total for the week and am on pace to get 140 miles for January, which is a lot more than I expected to end up with, as bad as I felt last week.

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