I Learned a Lot in January 2017

January was actually a pretty good month for running with almost 150 miles for the month. It was a month where I only had a three running shoe rotation the Puma Ignite PowerCool v1, Puma Speed 600 Ignite and Puma Speed 300 Ignite. Unfortunately, each one has an issue that makes it so that really wouldn’t become loyal to those shoes. More on this later.


The news on the political front has been interesting to say the least, some are loving what is happening and others think it is the end of the world as we know it. I am somewhere in between on the scales, I was hopeful initially, but am quickly starting to lean a bit in one direction over the other. As I have said before, don’t let misdirection, lies and posturing (from both sides), take away the focus on what is actually happening. Continue reading “I Learned a Lot in January 2017”