I Learned a Lot in January 2017

January was actually a pretty good month for running with almost 150 miles for the month. It was a month where I only had a three running shoe rotation the Puma Ignite PowerCool v1, Puma Speed 600 Ignite and Puma Speed 300 Ignite. Unfortunately, each one has an issue that makes it so that really wouldn’t become loyal to those shoes. More on this later.


The news on the political front has been interesting to say the least, some are loving what is happening and others think it is the end of the world as we know it. I am somewhere in between on the scales, I was hopeful initially, but am quickly starting to lean a bit in one direction over the other. As I have said before, don’t let misdirection, lies and posturing (from both sides), take away the focus on what is actually happening.

There is a lot of misinformation and purposely misinterpreted information being shared or disseminated to keep the public on agitated from both sides of the fence. Although the alternative facts posturing does concern me greatly and while I am pretty sure we all know it is done, for them to come out and say it is pretty scary. Chase the truth and watch the money trails and you will learn a lot about the driving forces behind the public facades.

I really suggest reading or re-reading the book 1984, it gives readers a lot to think about.

Well enough gloom and doom, even though that is what seems to be on many people’s minds – one way or the other.


Let’s get back to talking about my favorite subject – my running 😉 heheheehe

I managed to get 146+ miles in during January, it would have been a bit more, but mid-month, I came down with the creeping crud that is going around and it waylaid me for more than a week. Although I only missed 3 days of running, it impacted how much I could actually do once I got back to it. Whatever to hell it is – it sure was nasty, a combination head cold, sinus infection, and some body aches, just enough to put you down, but not enough to keep me from doing things because I am too damn old and stubborn to just sit and get better faster.

Just plain old nasty.

Photo courtesy of David Colby Young

I finally ran in a race and although I didn’t go into it with the idea of racing hard, but I had fun and enjoyed the company and getting out there and going a bit harder than I usually do in my workouts. However, it was my second slowest time ever and it gave me a pretty good idea of how out of shape I really am for racing right now.

Sadly out of shape – time to get my arse in gear and get back to it.


We had the Central Maine Striders annual banquet and I had a LOT of fun catching up with everyone and am wanting to get back to being a more active member, well as my work schedule lets me.

Getting back to running shoes

January was definitely the month of Pumas, I ran in the Speed 600 and 300 Ignites, Ignite PowerCool and nothing else. Unfortunately, I also paid a bit of a price for doing so. As I said at the start of this post it wasn’t quite what I wanted or expected from the shoes. All of them started off pretty spectacularly and I was enjoying running in them, but as the month went along, my right foot kept getting worse and worse, until I finally figured out what was going on.


I took the insoles out of the 300’s the other night and right where the Puma strip ends there is a slight dip in the sole right where my 5th metatarsal is. Nothing major or anything, but I could definitely feel it when I ran my finger there and it is there on the 600’s as well, but a little less noticeable. However, this “dip” and the narrowness of the shoes was just enough to change the way my Tailor’s Bunionette interacts with the shoe, causing discomfort under the foot and pushing my little toe more into the toe next to it.

Which towards the end of the month made running in them less and less enjoyable and definitely became a distraction. I think the final straw was when I attempted to do a longer run on the treadmill in the 600’s and could only manage to get 5.0 miles in before I had to stop because of the discomfort in my right foot.


Yes, it is definitely the shoes causing the issue, because since then I have been running primarily in my adidas Adios 3 and walking in non Puma shoes since I then. Once I discovered the issue and my right foot is already starting to feel better already when running or walking.

Then when I put the 300’s on yesterday, I immediately had to take them back off again, the discomfort was that noticeable and today when I wore the 600’s to work, I had to change them out for a different pair of shoes.

My right foot does not like those two makes of shoes right now and is rebelling when I put them on. It might all be in my head, but when my foot hurts, I stop wearing the shoes that cause the discomfort – I will only beat my head err foot against a cement wall for so long before I stop. 😉

I am still up in the air about whether to finish up the 50 mile reviews on either shoe? For someone with narrower feet and no anatomical issues with their foot, I think they are really good shoes. Unfortunately, they are not working the way I want/need my running shoes to be for me. Gonna think about it some more


The other Puma in the rotation the Ignite PowerCool have an issue with the tongue, it is padded up to the second to last eyelet, but not the last one or the lockdown eyelet, which means that I cannot properly cinch down the laces to lock in my heel, which results in an insecure fit/feel on the heel. Not what I want.

Plus the unpadded section of the tongue is flexible, almost floppy which creates an issue when attempting to put on the shoe and you have to frig fart around to ensure that the tongue is flat – otherwise it causes discomfort or other issues during a run.

Which means that none of the Puma shoes I have are the answer to my ongoing running shoe quest. That is too bad because back at the start of January I thought I had found some diamonds in the rough, especially with the 300 and 600, but as I got more miles on them their true colors, err flaws came out.

So I will put them all in the storage unit in the back of the garage to let my foot heal up, get out some older models that I know work, but fell out of the rotation for various reasons. I could always run in the Kazan’s for a while, but there is just something about running full-time on pavement in trail shoes that just doesn’t work for me. I will try them again in March, but the foot doesn’t lie and if they bother me then, I will find someplace else for them to reside.

So until I get in a new pair of mileage eaters, I will stick with the AB3’s for shorter runs and probably use the PI H3 V1’s that still have enough life to do some longer running in.

Yeah, January taught me a lot.

5 thoughts on “I Learned a Lot in January 2017

  1. Great month! Definitely think you were wicked smaht this month 🙂 Good to listen to your body (and feet) and make some good choices. Also good to see all the other stuff you’ve had going on.

    1. Trying to learn to listen, instead of just do. I was really disappointed that as the month went on that my foot kept getting worse. Then when I figured out why and stopped wearing the Puma’s (which I did like a lot) the discomfort went away. There are too many design issues with their shoes for me and how my body is constructed now to keep using them I have a feeling. I will try them on again later, but…well I am not all that hopeful. Yes, a lot is going on, I just wish the actions of our new leadership was a LOT more positive than it is. They are attempting to run it like a family business, where decisions are limited to a few people and it is not. It is the American Government for the benefit of all the people, so we will keep watching and reading, what is actually being said and attempting to minimize the negativity that happening as a result of decisions and choices being made “on our behalf”. Interesting times indeed.

      1. Definitely … it makes social media and news consumption a struggle.

        Lisa’s feet (and joints) are a mess … so I sympathize with the struggles you have! We have to be very careful with what she wears, and it ends up being expensive and requiring more frequent purchases of all types of shoes!

        I just hope that my feet and joints remain as happy and healthy as they are now for a good long time …

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