One of Those Learning Weeks – 2/5/17

Last week was by all accounts a learning week and some lessons were learned the hard way.

I did have a favorite photo – I took it today on my walk with Bennie – ain’t he a handsome fella.

Hey Dad, can I chase that squirrel, can I, can I, can I, c’mon let’s go…

Over the past 2-3 weeks my right foot has been the more and more the focus of me going into whine mode and this week as much as I really didn’t want to, I tried running in something other than my Puma running shoes.

You see I really, really like the style and way they felt while running in them…well at least I did until my right foot began to grumble, then complain, moving to whining and finally open bitching about how my right foot wasn’t happy with how things were going. It had gotten to the point where my right foot was painful to run very far on – changes were gonna happen or I wasn’t gonna be running pretty soon.

I wore my adidas Adios 3’s on Wednesday for a quick 5.0 mile treadmill run, with very few complaints – it made me go mmmmm.

The next day when I attempted to put my 300’s on for a treadmill run, well I had a mutiny from my right foot and it refused to keep that shoe on my foot and when I put on the AB3’s, it said okay. Even the next morning when I ran in the 600’s my right foot never got totally happy and didn’t let me run without talking to me about how something wasn’t right.

Since that run, the Adios 3’s have been on my feet for all my runs and even at work my right foot told me that enough was enough and that either wear my Mizuno Kazan’s or my old PI’s, but keep the Puma’s off the feet, when I attempted to wear them to work on Friday.

In other words my Puma infatuation is officially over. I was hoping to find some diamonds in the rough, but the narrowness, a non-flat area where the Puma logo ends and the way my right foot felt made the Speed series a no-go and the Tongue design on the Ignites uncomfortable and way too fussy.

So it is back to the AB3’s, Mizuno Kazan 2’s and figuring out a recovery/long run shoe that will compliment that mix. Right now I am running more often and not doing long runs (capping out at around 5-6 miles), that will change when the weather gets a bit better and the AB3’s are doing fine for those distances, but I would like a bit more in the forefoot to protect that tender right foot a little more on longer runs. The Saucony Triumph ISO 2 or adidas Tempo 8 are the leading candidates as of now.

Life in the fast lane of running shoe hell, when you are a runner with weird-ass feet. 😉

I am just so glad that I have a very understanding wife.

Work – Otherwise, at work I picked up another 9-5 shift, so I only work evenings 3 days a week now, which I consider to be a good thing. Who know maybe someday I will get back to days and have the evenings again. 11-7 ain’t bad, but it sure does screw with how you eat and interferes with my summer trail running series ;-).

Politics – well I am just gonna say things ain’t looking too purty right now and someone’s ratings ain’t holding up too well.

Technology – I got to playing around with Microsoft stuff mid-week and even thought about going back and using Outlook and other stuff, but when I attempted to set it up, it turned out to be a shit-show. Now I am not a newbie and would like to think that I am fairly savvy when it comes to tech stuff, but at the same time I have gotten used to the idea of not having to frig fart around too overly much to get something to work correctly. After an hour of WTFO, I decided it wasn’t worth it and did something much simpler.

I activated Google’s Inbox, changed a couple of settings and within 10 minutes, was using the application. No fuss, no muss and just use it. I know that Google and Microsoft both use my data, so it comes down to which one is easiest to use for the job that I want to get done.


I hate running when things ain’t quite right with my feet – it just takes the joy out of running. That grin and bear it mode that most runners get into every so often, is not what I look forward to when I take that step outside the door.


So it was a relief when I started running in the Adios 3’s midweek and my right foot stopped most of its complaining. I am sure that it will take a couple of weeks to get rid of the rest of the complaints. However, it is back down to a low-key grumble that is almost normal after only 4-5 days.

That is a good sign.

I was able to get back over 40 miles for the week and if I had really wanted to could have gotten closer to 45, but I am attempting to just increase the mileage slowly, get my foot feeling better and enjoy the running.


A very good week

The Puma’s are in the back of the garage and I will try them on again in March. If the right foot grumbles…well they will find a new home. However, I also learned while running in the nastiness earlier in the week, walking on the snowmobile trails today and downback the past couple of days that the Kazan’s are not all that great for running in loose snow, slush and stuff. I had as good luck with traction while running in nasty weather in the Puma 600’s, so that isn’t what I hoped for either. They are more like a road shoe with a little extra traction than a trail shoe.

I have a feeling I might need to make screw shoes out them and use the Yellow Kazans I got for Christmas as my alternate not so nasty weather shoes and for when it is colder. They do work well in the colder weather because the upper is built a little sturdier and the toe box is wide enough to wear wool socks.

Running shoes will always be my folly.

So I did learn a lot.

The Puma’s are not the answer I was looking for, the Kazan’s have their uses, but are limited, Google’s offerings are working well for me and work is still working ;-). Finally, yes, I am thinking that we are witnessing “interesting times” politically and it will be very interesting to see where it leads.

…and yes, Bennie is quite the handsome fella


2 thoughts on “One of Those Learning Weeks – 2/5/17

  1. slow and steady increase is what I’m going for now too. Some fun adventures this week, for you! Hope the foot feels better quickly though. Are you rolling it over a frozen water ball? Or a massage bar? Or a tennis ball? 🙂

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