What Does Shoe Width Actually Mean?

Over the past 5-6 years, I have been constantly whining, pissing and moaning about the running shoes that I wear and how they feel on my right foot (too damn tight)!

I have tried so damn many shoes and I think I might have found the problem.


Now I have never really thought all that much about different width shoes inspite or is that despite of all my bellyaching about my running shoes. Since I had a snow day from work and some extra time to think (yeah, I know that IS an oxymoron, with me), I decided to look up what the width coding of B, D, E, EE actually mean.

No, I haven’t ever done it before.

Yes, I have been a running shoe snob forever it seems, but don’t know crap about what widths actually meant.

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Don’t Be Me – Stay Off The Roads It is Nasty Out There

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Sometimes, I simply amaze myself with my own stoopidity. This morning the roads were clear, so what did I do. I putzed, did errands and walked the dawg. Then at 9:20 while walking Bennie, I saw the first snowflakes coming down.
No, this is not a brag about how tough I am to be running out in the middle of a N’oreastah. It is more about how dumb I was to not have gotten it done before it got  here.

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