Don’t Be Me – Stay Off The Roads It is Nasty Out There

from Instagram:
Sometimes, I simply amaze myself with my own stoopidity. This morning the roads were clear, so what did I do. I putzed, did errands and walked the dawg. Then at 9:20 while walking Bennie, I saw the first snowflakes coming down.
No, this is not a brag about how tough I am to be running out in the middle of a N’oreastah. It is more about how dumb I was to not have gotten it done before it got  here.

Of course, by the time we got back to the house the snow was already really coming down.

Decision time

To run or not run and take the day off?
Well…as Bennie and I were walking up the driveway that decision was taken out of my hands. I saw that my wife was geared up and getting ready to go for her run. Did I ever say that I married her for a reason…hehehehe. Well if she was running this morning, no choice in the matter – I was running too.
She had just finished her lap and I could see the fresh prints, so I followed and caught with her. We ran together for the first couple of laps and then I did a couple more by myself.
The snow was coming down pretty good and I was only going for distance and wasn’t worried about anything else, but staying out-of-the-way of vehicles (luckily there were not too many).
Yeah, the winds were out of the NE and made it feel like -1*F, and when I was running into that wind, it felt every bit of being below zero.
However, I was geared up right and didn’t feel all that cold, but I was moving and adjusted the laps so that the winds were broken up a little more than they would otherwise have been.
Overall, a nice run, where my right foot didn’t bother me for the first time in two days while running. The new shoes I tried out lately just didn’t work for me and my old Mizuno Kazan’s worked just fine for the foot and in this kind of snow.
Sometimes you just do and today was one of those days. If I wanted to get my run in it had to be outside, because driving 8+ miles to Augusta to run on the treadmill, would have been even more unsafe in the N’oreaster. There is no doubt that it would have been a lot smahtah to have run earlier this morning.
No one ever said I was all that much smahtah. 😉

One thought on “Don’t Be Me – Stay Off The Roads It is Nasty Out There

  1. I think you’re pretty smaht. And awesome. I’ve run in snow now, but not in a snow storm. Also, my trails are all frozen slippery, so I’m stuck running on sidewalks. But whatever gets the job done!

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