Good Run and Getting Ready

This morning I wanted to get a decent run in, unfortunately outside the weather wasn’t cooperating to overly well. It was one of those 9*F, with wind chills down around -10*F and about 2-3 inches of the 3-5 we were expecting. Which meant that running outside for a longer run wasn’t really all that appealing to me.

Looking down-back while walking Bennie this morning

Yes, I could have, but I don’t have to. The roads were decent, it wasn’t a punishing snow storm, just light fluff, so off I went to Augusta.

I went to Planet Fitness and played on the treadmill for 8.0 miles. Β I started out at 6.8 mph and kept it there until 3.0 miles, when another local runner who I recognized from some races was doing pretty much the same workout. She was going 7.0 mph and me being me, I put my treadmill up to the same and we ran together for the next 5.0 miles.

The only blip I had was when the treadmill hit 60:00 minutes and shut down to cool-down mode. I frigged around with it for a bit and then just re-set it and started over. About the 7.5 mile mark, nature started to call and I just shut it down at 8.0 miles. The other runner shut it down as I was scurrying for the locker room (although I did see her still running when I left the gym).

I felt good the whole way and definitely could have made double-digits without feeling too bad at all, without that call of nature.

The Adidas Adios 3’s did great and I was impressed with how I felt after 8.0 miles on a treadmill in them. I am not sure that I would want a steady diet of long run in them, but it is good to know that I can run longer runs in them when I want to.

Good run.

After eating lunch and bonding with Bennie for a while, it was time to get the outside ready for the major blizzard that is supposed to wack us tomorrow through Monday.

That meant roof raking the house (Mary did the garage when I was at work yesterday), gotta love a stubborn wife.


Getting the snow away from the house, so there is a place for the “12-24+” that is now predicted for tomorrow.


Along with snowblowing the driveway to get rid of the 5+ inches that came down today and the stuff that I moved away from the house.


Just two hours of work outside in -5*F windchills. Actually, it wasn’t too bad since I was dressed correctly and kept moving for most of the two hours. However, when I got done, I was definitely wiped and sat down for a few minutes to relax.

NOAA Official Forecast

Well let’s hope that the storm misses us or at least doesn’t get much over a foot. This prediction 2+ feet of snow doesn’t thrill me at all.

We will see

11 thoughts on “Good Run and Getting Ready

  1. I have gotten SO spoiled by the way we are protected from heavy snows out here in the Corning area (ironic since we are more or less equidistant from three of the snowiest places in the country (Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester). We got ~4″ or so the other day and that was our biggest storm of the year. We might get a couple tomorrow … but as I noted on FB I am headed to Boston tomorrow and am more concerned about how things will hit there – 2-4, 4-8, more? Ugh.

    1. According to all reports we are going to get hammered this time, I have a feeling you need to get going early to beat the storm. πŸ˜‰ otherwise driving in the storm ain’t gonna be fun. Be safe out there.

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