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The Calm Before the Storm

Well there, I got that done 3.1 miles in cold and tough conditions, before the big storm hammers us.


Probably the slowest I have done this course in a long, long time, but I got it done. The Town crew is getting ready (resting up, because for the next 36-48 hours they are going to be going through hell) for the storm and hasn’t plowed the road since last night, when we got our 5+ inches of snow to get us in practice for the next one.

Which left a couple of inches of snow on the roads and slushiness caused by the Town putting down product to prep the road for the storm ans as a result, there just wasn’t any grip with the Kazan’s.


In this kind of snow, all they did was cake up and become snow slicks. Not good for snow running, so I believe that these will become screw shoes, because I need something that works a lot better than this. Plus I have another pair of Kazans to use when I don’t need the screw shoes.

The caking on the bottoms meant that I had to go slow, work the hell out of my hammies and be careful to avoid the famous arse-plant or face-to-snow time. Luckily, I didn’t do either and finished without pulling anything. All good things.

Well now we have to see, what this next storm leaves us, from all the forecasts it could be anywhere from 12-24 plus.

Gonna be interesting.





    • Thank you, we survived, but the body will be hurting tomorrow too much moving 30+” of snow around and off roofs, but we didn’t loose power so it was all good. 🙂 thanks again

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