Less Mileage – More of a Workout – Week In Review 2-19-16

Last week at this time we hunkering down for the Nor’eastah that was gonna clobber Central Maine. It did and it was a tough week for running with the resulting exhaustion that went along with it from moving all that s@#% around..

There was LOTS of snow



yes, I got yet another pair of new shoes, only in 2E. The first time that I remember ever getting a pair of 2E’s. With only two runs in the new shoes, they have made me wish I had done it sooner.

New Balance 860 v6 – 2E

Snowy Week

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A Bit Quicker – RunLog 2-19-17

I learned something very important on my run today about my New Balance 860 v6

I didn’t know how squished my feet, until they weren’t?


On my run today with Bennie, we did my usual test run course to see how the 860’s would compare to previous efforts. Since it was his first run in a long time, he was hell-bent on moving right along and I was more than willing to go right along with him, but at a bit more reasonable speed than he wanted.


We did really well until we got down to Shepard Road and had to stop and jump into the snow bank four times before I got to Pepin. Not good, when that are is where I pick it up pretty good to see how a new shoe does at a prolonged faster pace. As you can see on one of the snow bank leaps of faith with Bennie, I didn’t even have a chance to stop my watch. Two vehicles were going to meet where we were and neither was slowing down – snow bank and Bennie airlift was the safe alternative.  Continue reading “A Bit Quicker – RunLog 2-19-17”