Yes, I Am An Aging Runner

img_20170102_143030936Yep, the title it is the truth and as much as I hate to admit it some days, I am the proverbial and stereotypical aging runner, full of contradictions, plans and angst about what the future will hold for me as a runner.

In August I will turn 60 years old…damn that is hard to believe, because I really do not feel that old, but some days the body reminds me that I really am. Other days, it seems as though I can still do more than I ever thought possible.

However, that ability to bounce-back and do it again and again…well that sure as hell ain’t the same.

So over the course of the next “few” months, I will probably get all maudlin and reflect a lot on this next birthday a bit too much.

I know that we all too often hear that same refrain about older runners. That we whine all the time about how we used to be and that we need to change how we do things to stay competitive. Yet so many of us old farts don’t ever get it through our heads that we actually have to do something differently to change things.

More than likely, except for those brief periods when we get motivated as hell, we usually get back to doing what we have always done pretty quickly and then wonder why: Continue reading “Yes, I Am An Aging Runner”