A Bit Foggy Today

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2mxS5cU
When I left the house for my planned 8.0 miler into Augusta, it was pretty damn foggy and the more I ran the foggier it got.
I did put on my brightest clothes and kept my ears uncovered, because I could hear the vehicles coming a lot further away than I could see them. The temps were still in the high 30’s and the fog was bad enough that I couldn’t wear my glasses.
I started out pretty slow and although I picked it up a bit on mile 2, the conditions were such that when traffic went by, I had to run on the soft shoulder (they just repaired it in the fall and it ain’t completely settled in yet) sinking in 2-3 inches every step or if the oncoming traffic was too close running on the slushy ice, snowbanks or coming to a complete stop so I would fall. Which meant that I had to slow down an awful lot during that part of the run.
The telephone pole is where I finish, just before the big-arse hill
It was not the easiest run on the Middle/Bog Road and I was glad to get on Outer Civic Center Drive, where at least there is a breakdown lane to run in. Once there I had a couple of quicker miles and I did pick it up pretty good going down the hill towards the end.
The 860’s did exactly what I wanted them to do, not bother my damn right foot. They are never going to be racing flats or anything, but at the same time, I can run comfortably in them for quite a long ways. Now I just have to get my socks figured out so they are not part of the problem.
One thing that I didn’t like was that I got a rock lodged in the plastic in the middle of the shoe and it did distract me a little the last mile and a half, but I didn’t stop to take it out. If I landed just wrong it affected the landing a bit and was kind of clicky otherwise. I didn’t want to stop, because I was running quite well at that point for the mileage I had run.
Other than that, the 860’s will be good mileage eaters.
It is amazing what a eighth or quarter of an inch (the supposed difference between an D-width and EE-width shoe) does mean when it comes to the width of a shoe and how it feels on my funky feet.
Overall, a very good run.

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