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Month: March 2017

Back to It – RunLog 3-29-17

After a couple of mornings where I wouldn’t run outside due to the road conditions – damned ice… and then deciding that yesterday afternoon that it was going to be […]

A Perfect January Day In March

Yeah, if this was January it is/was a perfect day, bright sunshine, bitterly cold, with negative numbers for the wind chill and LOTS of snow still hanging around. Unfortunately, this […]

Shorts Day Outside – RunLog 3-21-17

After yesterday’s double (which I didn’t write about – just logged them in the spreadsheet), I knew that today would be a single-run day. I am really trying to not […]

Cut-Back Week – 3-19-17

Every 3-4 weeks or so, I like, want and need to have a cut-back week, where I reduce my mileage, relax, eat worse and don’t worry so much about running […]

A Quicker Run – RunLog 3-18-17

Yes, yesterday’s day off was definitely needed and the legs, body and mind all felt better as a result. Which meant that I wanted to get the Vazee Rush v2’s […]

The Weather – It Is What It Is

Over the last week, you might have heard me spit and sputter a bit about the weather again. It is called whining and bitchin about the weather and I am […]

Unexpected Rest Day – RunLog 3-17-17

I had a 15 day mini running streak interrupted by a day off. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the best of intentions, but…well let’s talk about it. Today is my […]